About Me

Hello! I'm Liz and welcome to my blog. If I could think of three things that I really love, those things would be food, fashion, and photography (which is directly related to my love of scrapbooking. So for the sake of a cheesy alliteration I'm sticking with photography. ;) ).

Since this is the About Me Section, I thought I would tell you a little more about myself to put the rest of this into perspective. I am married to an awesome guy (Brad) and have been since August 9, 2008. We have lots of fun together and are in general pretty goofy. Eleanor and Amelia joined our family in September, 2013.

In June 2010 we moved to Virginia Beach and have been here ever since. We really enjoy it here. Despite being far from our families, we have found an awesome community in our Church. After working for a private university for about two and a half years, I transitioned to stay at home mom. I hope to include all of our adventures here on the blog!