Monday, May 23, 2011

Style File 5-23-11

Sorry for the hiatus again. It's just hard trying to find a schedule that works for me! I think I'm going to modify and say a scrap book page goes up twice a month whenever I get them done. It'll be an unexpected post to keep you on your toes! As for What's For Dinner? I am still going to try to get those up once a week, but I think I'm going to flip when it goes up: Style Files on Monday and What's for Dinner? on Saturdays.

Anyway, here are my photos. I just got a Macbook Pro, which I love. So these are edited in iPhoto until I buy the appropriate editing program. I don't they're half bad for iPhoto. I wasn't expecting to be able to do much in it, but you can do a lot of tweaks in there! Any Mac users have any other insights for me?

You've definitely seen all the elements of this outfit before. I used this shirt in a recent style file, but I just like it a lot for the summer, so you get to see it again! While our friends Matt and Bekah were visiting us a couple weeks ago, we went to the Chrysler Museum of Art. It was a lot of fun, and I got in a style file shoot on the beautiful stairs they have.

 So it's starting to warm up here, which means places like the Chrysler crank up the air conditioning. So I opted for jeans and a cardi over my shirt.
 I've been very in love with braids lately. I think it's because my hair is finally long enough to employ them in cool ways. You should try implementing a braid here and there. They're great fun!
 Owl necklace!

Floral Tank- Old Navy
Black Cardi- JC Penney
Skinny Jeans- Thrifted; Forever 21
Shoes- GAP
Sunglasses- Target
Owl Necklace- Forever 21

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Style File 5/14/11

 Well... I took a bit on an unintentional hiatus. I just got really busy at work with Graduation, so I was SUPER tired when I got home. Then last weekend we had some good friend's of our from Texas spend the weekend with us. It was great fun, and I do have some style file pics from that weekend that I'll post later. :) But I think I'm back, for now anyway. :)
 Here is a simple and comfy weekend outfit for me. I picked up the tee on sale at Target. I also have a white one. There's just something so casual, but still a little grown up about a fitted tee. I feel no shame in wearing them.
 I've had these jeans for a bit now, and I just love them. Levi's 515 are so comfy and fit me the best. I have not found a jean that even competes with the 515s as far as fit goes. I should just go out and buy fifty pairs of these jeans before they change how they cut them.
 I have had this scarf probably since high school. I rarely wear it, though, because I was kind of afraid. I'm not sure why. there are so many creative ways to tie and wear a scarf. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship I am going to have with scarves.
 The earrings are also some of my favorites. I like big earrings. I like kind of funky earrings. I think these are both.
I just picked up these flats from Target last week. They were 4.98 on clearance. That's the second pair of Target shoes i've scored for under five bucks this month. I guess I'm just at the right place at the right time? 
So there's my weekend style file. What do you like to wear on the weekend? I tend to go for jeans and comfy clothes now that I'm working because I have to dress up all week long. It's kind of a nice feeling to be dressy enough during the week that I like dressing down a bit for the weekend. Have a happy weekend everyone!

Monday, May 2, 2011

What's for Dinner? 5/2/11

Freezer Spaghetti is what is for dinner! I didn't want any of you to be disillusioned about my cooking habits. Sometimes I just don't feel like cooking dinner. Yesterday night was one of those nights. So I made freezer spaghetti. I can hear you asking right now, "what on earth is freezer spaghetti?" Well... it's spaghetti made almost entirely from my freezer.

This is some already cooked ground turkey that I used last week. I only used half of what I had, so I froze the rest for future use. I'm glad I did!
 This is some frozen spaghetti sauce that I had saved from when I made some tortellini. Again, I had extra so I froze it. I did have to add a little bit from another jar I had on hand, but that's ok.
And lastly the pasta that always hangs out in my cupboard. What can I say? we're pasta people around here. So basically all I did for dinner was defrost the meat and the sauce, toss it together, and boil some pasta. Minimal effort. Viola!

I also got some new kitchen gadgets this weekend!

A new oven thermometer because my old one (a really cheap one) broke. It cracked and then ceased to work. Since my oven burns horrifically unevenly and about 50 degrees hotter than the set temperature, I need an operating one on hand. So I spent a little more money on this one.

I also got...

a box grater! The grater I had was rusting. And I had to make some zucchini bread for a BBQ I was going to. I figured rust isn't that great for you. It's one thing to ingest it myself; its another to let strangers and children ingest it. So I just bought a new (more functional) grater. It's Food Network; one of my favorite kitchen brands out there.