Friday, April 26, 2013

Style File: 15 Weeks

 Aside from my shirt making my belly look lumpy in these pictures... I really like this outfit. It's comfortable (minus the pants not being maternity) and still fits. Haha. Not one single maternity piece in this outfit. Though I don't think I'll be able to do that for long! I have ordered a few maternity pieces but...pants are tricky. I don't like any of them. Why don't they make normal looking jeans for pregnant ladies? Of course the ones I *do* like are not available in my size. Womp womp womp.
 I have been feeling much better with a few isolated incidents of feeling icky, but overall I am feeling much much better. That first trimester got miserable there at the end. I am glad it is behind me though!

 Note: my shirt is striped, not sure why it cam out all weird like in the picture. Oh well?

Anyway, today I am going to address a burning question I have gotten several times just this week. Are you going to dress them the same? Clearly, if one is a boy and one is a girl no I will not be dressing them the same. Even if they are the same sex, though, I do not plan on coordinating or matching outfits. I want to establish from early on that they are not a two for one deal. They are two distinct babies who will grow into two distinct people. Early on, if they are the same sex, I suspect I'll just have a big pile of clothes and just dress them. Clothes won't belong to one or the other. Obviously, as they get older and their tastes develop that will change. I just want them to be able to be autonomous and not fall into the trap that they're the same person twice. Maybe that's weird of me, but one way I plan to do that is to not dress them alike. Now, when they're older and they choose to dress alike, that's one thing. But I'm just not going to do it from birth. If you have twins and you dress them alike, I am not pronouncing judgment on you or saying that you view your kids as a two for one deal. I'm just explaining my thought process and not really interested in starting a fight. That's the beauty of our current society: we all have the freedom to choose how we want to raise our kids. :)

Happy Friday! 

P.S. 5 weeks until we get to find out sexes! I know you will all be waiting with baited breath, but I'll probably not put it up on here immediately just so we have a chance to tell family first. Just warning you now. Haha. :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Style File: 14 Weeks

 I made it to the second trimester. Before I got pregnant, I had no idea the start of the second trimester was so debatable. Some say 12 weeks, others 13, and other say 14. So, I guess it's official no matter who is counting I am in the second tri! yay!

I am finding it a bit more challenging to get dressed. I had to get some maternity pants this week just because nothing else is fitting! I'm going to have to go buy more. Before I got pregnant I always thought I was going to try to wear non-maternity clothes for most of pregnancy...but with twins I think that's going to be challenging/impossible. Plus non maternity clothes tend to just make me feel/look fat. And they were really uncomfortable. 

Babies are looking really good. The doctor tried to determine sex at today's appointment but wasn't able to determine much. Guess I'll just have to be patient and wait for my 20 week anatomy scan. They were sitting head to head today, it was pretty cute.

I haven't thrown up in 4.5 days. I am thankful for that. I think I'm also experiencing some more energy and I don't need to sleep as much all of the time, so that's also good. Other than that... no new updates! We're just trying to grow over here! :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

13 Weeks

Well, the weather is particularly crappy and I don't have good lighting in our place due to the storms passing through no pics this week. Not much has changed, I promise. :)

So now that the cat's out of the bag, I thought I would answer the most common questions I get after telling people I'm expecting two babies:

1.) How are you feeling? Are you extra sick because there are twins? Not really. I've been throwing up once or twice a day but I mostly can't complain too much. I do miss the days when I don't experience breakfast twice! (sorry, that's kind of gross, isn't it?). I'm also hungry a lot. Like just today I had a bowl of cereal, a smoothie, felt sick from noon to 1, ate some mac and cheese and an apple with peanut butter. Decided I was still hungry at 2:30 and got a chick fil a salad. Was still hungry so I ate some Thin Mint cookies and a piece of cheese. And I'm STILL HUNGRY. Except we don't really have any more food in the house... so... I'm going to have to scrounge something up.

2.) Do twins run in your family? So something I'm learning about having twins is simply that people are fascinated by them so they ask questions that ordinarily I would think are a bit rude if you don't know me well. Sometimes this question feels rude because it feels like people are just fishing for information on whether or not they were conceived spontaneously or whether or not I used fertility drugs. Thankfully, no one has been tactless enough to just ask me whether or not they were "naturally conceived" like some friends of mine have been asked. (Side Note: Yes, the babies were naturally conceived. We just needed some drugs to help that along. Outside of using IVF, even people who use drugs have conceived the natural way. I promise. The drugs themselves don't just make you pregnant there are other steps involved, if you catch my drift ;) ). I know, more often than not, this question is probably not meant to be rude so I am working on it, haha. But to answer the question: twins run on my side of the family several generations back. Depending on who is asking the question, I might say that we needed some extra help and leave it at that.

3.) Are you nervous about having twins?/How do you feel about that?/Are you scared? Heck yes I am nervous and scared. But I am also excited. I think it's all within in the realm of normal to feel conflicting feelings about becoming a parent for the first time regardless of whether or not you're expecting one, two, or ten babies. In this particular case, I won't lie, my biggest source of anxiety is financial. We planned for ONE baby and having TWO is just going to make things a bit more interesting. We will be fine, so please don't think we're in dire  straights or anything. Just a bit more planning on our end, that's all.

4.) Do you want boys or girls? Obviously, I want two healthy, at term, over 5lb babies. But let's not be pretentious here. I would like two girls, or one girl and one boy. Brad would like one of each.

5.) Do you know names yet? Not yet. We have a few that we like, but we're waiting to determine whether or not we need boys names or girls names. I don't think the names will be some BIG HUGE SECRET but I also don't want to be pinned down on names until I meet the babies. I hope that's not weird?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Announcement!

Yes, it is true, I am 12 weeks pregnant! After a bit of a struggle with infertility, I am very excited to announce that the Boyce's will have 2 babies joining our family sometime this fall.

I'll let that sink in.

Yes, twins! After the shock has worn off, we are very very excited to have been blessed with two little ones. We would greatly appreciate prayers as pregnancy progresses and on through after the babies get here.
I don't want to bore everyone with a bunch of "stuff" about the pregnancy in this particular post so I'll just do some bullet point facts for you:
  • Babies are looking great. We had a pretty extensive ultrasound on Wednesday and everything looks perfect. 
  • Yes, we will be finding out sexes but it won't be for several weeks. 
  • I have been feeling ok. Morning sickness hit at almost 11 weeks and i've thrown up pretty much every day since then. Thankfully, once that part is over I generally feel good the rest of the day. 
  • No real cravings. Except maybe mexican. 
  • I get tired very easily.
I plan to update more and I would be happy to answer questions. The primary focus of this blog isn't going to be on the infertility aspect of it, though I would be more than happy to talk with you privately about our infertility journey (we didn't have to do any crazy interventions like IVF). I will be focusing on what I've always focused on: my personal style, probably some food, and some thoughts thrown in about my ride into motherhood.  Buckle in with me, I'm sure this is going to be a bit of a wild ride!