Friday, April 19, 2013

Style File: 14 Weeks

 I made it to the second trimester. Before I got pregnant, I had no idea the start of the second trimester was so debatable. Some say 12 weeks, others 13, and other say 14. So, I guess it's official no matter who is counting I am in the second tri! yay!

I am finding it a bit more challenging to get dressed. I had to get some maternity pants this week just because nothing else is fitting! I'm going to have to go buy more. Before I got pregnant I always thought I was going to try to wear non-maternity clothes for most of pregnancy...but with twins I think that's going to be challenging/impossible. Plus non maternity clothes tend to just make me feel/look fat. And they were really uncomfortable. 

Babies are looking really good. The doctor tried to determine sex at today's appointment but wasn't able to determine much. Guess I'll just have to be patient and wait for my 20 week anatomy scan. They were sitting head to head today, it was pretty cute.

I haven't thrown up in 4.5 days. I am thankful for that. I think I'm also experiencing some more energy and I don't need to sleep as much all of the time, so that's also good. Other than that... no new updates! We're just trying to grow over here! :)


KDM said...

Fun updates! I remember switching to maternity pants. It was SO nice and comfortable after doing normal jeans with an elastic hair tie on the button... :)

Kjelse said...

I liked my maternity clothes too! They were super cute (actually cuter than some of my other clothes, haha) and comfortable too. I'm glad there's not been any throwing up over the past few days...I actually started getting sick around the beginning of my second trimester, just when I thought I was lucky enough to not get morning sickness!

Kelli Carruth said...

There is a lot to be said for that sense of relief and comfort that comes from switching to maternity clothes. I went as long as I could with Reuben and Felicity, but I switched over, it's like I could relax and breathe again! You look absolutely adorable and your baby belly is beautiful. I'm so excited for the official anatomy scan and announcement!