Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Break so far...

We came home from our neighbors apartment (they invited us over for dinner. :0) ) and there were three little lizards around our apartment! I managed to get this one on the camera, because he was the only one that didn't run off! Isn't he cool? I named him Fred.

I'm making chicken noodle soup in the crock pot for dinner tonight. Dessert is going to be Apple Dumplings. I hope they turn out well... I've never made them before, so I hope they don't taste gross!

I really just wanted to show the little lizard off... I don't really have anything else to say. I thought it would be a cool thing to show... because we just don't have lizards like that in Michigan!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Break! WOOT!

That was Brad earlier this week doing the dishes... He didn't want to get his nice clothes all wet. So he put on both of my aprons. Haha. He looked really silly.

This week has been really long. I took all of my tests, and I think I did reasonably well on all of them. Mid term grades went up and I've managed four A's and a B. Brad has about the same. So far, so good!

Last night we went to a Mud Bugs hockey game. It was a lot of fun. We actually played the Texas team, but we still rooted for the Bugs. They won 5-1. And there was even a big fight near the end. They threw little lobster/crayfish toys on the ice every time the bugs would have a goal. And of course there was the obligatory "You suck!" shouts for the other team. It was a really fun time though. I enjoyed myself a lot, and I think everyone else did too.

Fall Break is official, as of yesterday afternoon. This weekend I plan to get homework done, finish thank you notes, and scrapbook some more of Israel. We'll see what I actually get done though. ;)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

And the count down begins...

Starting next Friday after classes it's fall break! We all like Fall Break a lot. It gives us a chance to relax a little. Anna and Jeremy and Laura and Abe are going to Colorado for the break. Brad and I and the rest of our friends are going to stay here. On friday we're all going to Shreveport to see a Mud Bugs game. It will be fun. I've heard they're a fun team to watch. And I like Hockey, so that's good. :) For the rest of my break I plan on working on homework, ordering wedding photos, and finishing my Scrap book for Israel. That way I can start my wedding scrap book over Christmas Break (maybe). I'm having a hard time picking out wedding pictures and then deciding if I want them in color or Black and white. I keep changing my mind. I guess I just have to pick something and go with it. Haha.

This week I have a test every day starting on Tuesday. Tuesday is western civ, wednesday is Romans, thursday is psychology, and friday is Greek. So this weekend/week is going to involve a TON of studying. But that's better than doing homework, in my opinion at least.

Brad is doing well. He's working hard on homework and projects. He's looking forward to next semester because its going to be less work, at least he thinks so. We've both been looking at our schedules for next semester, and he has a few time conflicts. He's a little annoyed at that, but it should all work. I think I'm going to take my lab next semester, instead of over the summer. The lab that was over the summer (Astronomy) seemed interesting, but it meets MWF evenings, which means I would have to miss youth group for 5 weeks. I could do it, but I would like to be there because Jerod needs me. So instead I'm going to take one of my other required courses over the summer (Fine Arts) and maybe an extra Bible class. I'm done with Bible classes, but I would like to take more. Brad and I decided it would be ok if I just took a couple extra classes over the summer "for fun" so it'll keep me busy. I can't really get a full time off campus job this summer because we don't have a second car and don't really have the cash at the moment. Also, I already need to take another class. I'll probably just work on-campus and see where that gets me. :0)

Well, I better get going on homework. Lunch is going to be soon and Anna and I are running to the mall really quick after lunch. She needs to look at some stuff, and I haven't been off campus to do just some window shopping in a while. :0)

Talk to you all later!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well today is Saturday (finally). It's been a long week. Brad and I both managed to catch the cold that's going around. We were finally getting better by Thursday. Today I think we're both doing ok, just the residual sneezing and coughing. So at least we're mending! We both have abstracts for our Romans class due on Monday so today is a library day getting that finished up. I don't mind doing abstracts, it's just a fancy outline. I really hate writing the exegesis paper. I just don't like research papers of any form, let alone one about a biblical passage. My passage is Romans 13:8-14. I picked it because it seems like a random place to put these particular verses. It's right after the part about obeying the governing authority, so it's kind of weird to start talking about debt/love in the same passage. We'll see what my research reveals.

Last night was grocery shopping night. We splurged and bought brownie mix and ice cream. When we got home we baked the brownies and put ice cream on them. It was pretty good. We got the Duncan Hines mix, and it my experience it had been pretty good... but these brownies weren't that great. The batter was gritty (red flag number 1) and then I baked them for less than the time the box said and they were all dry and stuff. It was weird. I will probably stick to Betty Crocker next time.

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon (after I clean the apartment) I will be able to sit down and look at wedding photos again. I've let them sit for about a month. I hope to get the order to Grandpa by Fall Break or shortly there after. We're also (slowly) working on thank-yous. They're about half done. We just need to finish them and get them out. Those will also probably get done by fall break.... which happens to be not far away at all! I think it's like two weeks away or something. I think on Friday the 17th we're going to try to go to a MudBugs game. They're a hockey team out of Shreveport. I'm pretty excited about that. I hope it's not pansy, southern hockey. We'll see. I'm sure it won't be as exciting as the wings ;) haha.

Tonight is the fall fest banquet. Brad and I decided not to go this year. Mostly because for the amount of money we would spend on it, we could get just as good of a meal elsewhere (with out all the stress of the banquet). So instead of going to the actual Banquet, Jeremy and Anna and Brad and I are going out to dinner. We're getting a little dressed up so it will be fun. We're going to Johnny Carino's, they serve "countryside" Italian food. I've been there a couple of times and it's really good. They have this amazing chocolate mountain ice-cream dessert thing. It takes about an army to eat it all. Haha. I don' t know if we're going to get that or not... we might just stick to real food. :P

Anyway, I need to get going to the library before I run out of time!