Contact Me

If you ever want to get a hold of me there are a couple ways to do so.

1.) You can always Facebook me. I'll be honest and just say if I don't recognize you I probably won't friend you... So this might not be the best first avenue to get a hold of me.

2.) Comment here on my blog. I check this pretty often.

3.) Email me: proudnerd(AT)gmail(dot)com. I know it's kind of a silly email address, but I got it in high school. I have another email address but at this point all of my google stuff is associated with this email... so it's just going to be a pain to switch everything over. So for now I am just dealing with the semi-embarrassing email address. :)

4.) Tweet me. find me: ZilYdal

5.) Find me on Pinterest! LadyLiz or just plain old Liz Boyce should bring me up. I think.