Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boston Pics Part 2

 Here are some of the Rehearsal:

This photo cracks me up.

Thea looks so happy. :)

Boston Common Frog Pond

Paul Revere's Grave. Isn't it tiny?

Anna and I exploring Boston!

Bekah and I exploring. :)

Random street musician's playing where the Boston Massacre happened.

Grabbing a bit of lunch. :)

More pics tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boston Pics Part 1

 Here are a batch of Boston pics. It's from the first day I was there.
Gordon and Thea's apartment. They're on the top floor of the brown side.

Their apartment again.

Cute little place across the street from their apartment.

Courtyard of the Public Library. This place was awesome.


They had massive murals in every room. Some were Greek Legends, one was the King Arthur legend, some were roman. It was very cool.

Bekah! :)

They had these giant lion things. I thought they were cool.

I think these are supposed to be part of some Greek myth, but I couldn't quite tell.

I loved the arches everywhere.

Could you imagine studying here? Me either.

Pegasuses (Pegasi?)

The whole building itself.

More to come later! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding Style File 7-15-11

Welcome to the Wedding Style File! My good friend Gordon got married to the lovely Thea in Boston. It's kind of the reason we even went up to Boston. I bought two dresses to wear. The first at JC Penney, and I do love it. But then I found this gem in Macy's on the clearance. I would have returned the first dress, but I had already worn it... so I guess I have two new dresses to wear! I love dresses in the Summer anyway. 
 I love the floral print on this dress. It's kind of loud, but I'm kind of loud so I think it works. I appreciate that it has pinks, oranges, corals, blues, teals... all manner of colors in it. Give me so many options for accessorizing.
 I love how I feel just a tiny bit "Mad Men" in this dress. I swear, I was made to live in that time period. And dress with a vaguely fifties silhouette makes me feel rocking! As a side note: Dresses with pockets are awesome.
 I posted this dress on here to get opinions on the shoes. I got a lot of questions about the belt, which cracked me up because I wasn't really expecting that. I guess looking at those pics, it does look black. But it's actually blue. Kind of a lighter navy. I did manage to score a brown belt at Salvation Army this week, so I might mix up the belt next time I wear the dress. But even with the navy belt, I think it works.
Oh yes, that house looking thing in the background is where they had the reception. It was awesome. They had a lovely venue, lovely food, and lovely people. I definitely danced the night away. :)
Oh, these shoes. I had been coveting them at DSW for weeks. Checking back each weekend to see if they were marked down... right before the wedding they were, and I scooped them up. I've never owned shoes like these before, but I love them. They are comfortable and I can totally dress them up or down. I love the funky buckles on them. I'm so enamored with these shoes, and I don't even care if no one else thinks they're as cute as I do, haha!

Other Boston pics are scheduled to come next week. Look forward to them!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Style File 7-8-11

 I have two style files that I shot for you while I was in Boston. I hope you enjoy!

 I love these crops. I got them off the sale rack at Old Navy. They remind me of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.
 I also recently got the pink tank. So comfy!
 I wanted to be comfortable and presentable as I walked around the city. I think I pulled that off!

Over all, I loved Boston. I would move there in a heartbeat. I'll share more about the trip over the next week or so. Be looking forward to the other style file next friday!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Style File 7-1-11- Jet Setting

 Hey All! It's been a while since I did a style file, but I did one today for you! I am about to leave for the airport to head to Boston for a mini-vacation. So I thought I would do a jet-setting Style File. When I'm flying, I like to be comfy but still respectable looking (that means no flying in PJs or sweats for me!). So usually I reach for some jeans, flats, and a comfy shirt with layers.

 I tend to pick a layered look because it can be hard to predict how hot or cold the airport or plane is going to be. I picked this light weight cardi because it will be warm enough if they've cranked down the AC, but I can also take it off if it's really warm.
 Jeans are just comfy so that's why I pick them when I'm flying. I don't usually like to fly in shorts because I tend to get cold easily. Jeans keep me warm, and I think these look nice.
 Ok, lets talk shoes. I wear flats because they're easy to take on and off for security. But I also don't like to wear flip flops because those can be uncomfortable if you're walking/running around trying to make connections. I also like to have close toed shoes because, well, airports and planes are kind of gross. I don't need to pick up any foot funk in my travels!
 I also like to wear layers because it cuts out on bulky items in the suitcase. I am checking a bag this time (it's a long enough trip where I wanted to take liquids more than 3 oz worth). But don't be fooled, I totally have 5 pairs of shoes packed in there. Since we're going to a wedding, that means wedding rehearsals and rehearsal dinner. I had not yet heard what the dress code for those events are, so I had to pack options.
 Plus I'm on vacation, so I like to have options available to me so I can adapt to the activities we do.
Unfortunately it makes for a heavy suit case... I think it's under 50lbs... maybe? That said, I do have a few of Brad's things in there (mostly liquids and such). But i'm not going to feel bad for over packing. I had the space, so why not? I gotta get my 25 dollars worth! :)

See you after my Vacation! I'm hoping to get some style files shot while I'm there so I can post them later for you.