Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding Style File 7-15-11

Welcome to the Wedding Style File! My good friend Gordon got married to the lovely Thea in Boston. It's kind of the reason we even went up to Boston. I bought two dresses to wear. The first at JC Penney, and I do love it. But then I found this gem in Macy's on the clearance. I would have returned the first dress, but I had already worn it... so I guess I have two new dresses to wear! I love dresses in the Summer anyway. 
 I love the floral print on this dress. It's kind of loud, but I'm kind of loud so I think it works. I appreciate that it has pinks, oranges, corals, blues, teals... all manner of colors in it. Give me so many options for accessorizing.
 I love how I feel just a tiny bit "Mad Men" in this dress. I swear, I was made to live in that time period. And dress with a vaguely fifties silhouette makes me feel rocking! As a side note: Dresses with pockets are awesome.
 I posted this dress on here to get opinions on the shoes. I got a lot of questions about the belt, which cracked me up because I wasn't really expecting that. I guess looking at those pics, it does look black. But it's actually blue. Kind of a lighter navy. I did manage to score a brown belt at Salvation Army this week, so I might mix up the belt next time I wear the dress. But even with the navy belt, I think it works.
Oh yes, that house looking thing in the background is where they had the reception. It was awesome. They had a lovely venue, lovely food, and lovely people. I definitely danced the night away. :)
Oh, these shoes. I had been coveting them at DSW for weeks. Checking back each weekend to see if they were marked down... right before the wedding they were, and I scooped them up. I've never owned shoes like these before, but I love them. They are comfortable and I can totally dress them up or down. I love the funky buckles on them. I'm so enamored with these shoes, and I don't even care if no one else thinks they're as cute as I do, haha!

Other Boston pics are scheduled to come next week. Look forward to them!


Megan said...

I really love the print of your dress. I'm such a print person!

Cafe Fashionista said...

That dress with those shoes is absolutely incredible! I can never resist cognac shoes paired with florals! :)