Friday, July 1, 2011

Style File 7-1-11- Jet Setting

 Hey All! It's been a while since I did a style file, but I did one today for you! I am about to leave for the airport to head to Boston for a mini-vacation. So I thought I would do a jet-setting Style File. When I'm flying, I like to be comfy but still respectable looking (that means no flying in PJs or sweats for me!). So usually I reach for some jeans, flats, and a comfy shirt with layers.

 I tend to pick a layered look because it can be hard to predict how hot or cold the airport or plane is going to be. I picked this light weight cardi because it will be warm enough if they've cranked down the AC, but I can also take it off if it's really warm.
 Jeans are just comfy so that's why I pick them when I'm flying. I don't usually like to fly in shorts because I tend to get cold easily. Jeans keep me warm, and I think these look nice.
 Ok, lets talk shoes. I wear flats because they're easy to take on and off for security. But I also don't like to wear flip flops because those can be uncomfortable if you're walking/running around trying to make connections. I also like to have close toed shoes because, well, airports and planes are kind of gross. I don't need to pick up any foot funk in my travels!
 I also like to wear layers because it cuts out on bulky items in the suitcase. I am checking a bag this time (it's a long enough trip where I wanted to take liquids more than 3 oz worth). But don't be fooled, I totally have 5 pairs of shoes packed in there. Since we're going to a wedding, that means wedding rehearsals and rehearsal dinner. I had not yet heard what the dress code for those events are, so I had to pack options.
 Plus I'm on vacation, so I like to have options available to me so I can adapt to the activities we do.
Unfortunately it makes for a heavy suit case... I think it's under 50lbs... maybe? That said, I do have a few of Brad's things in there (mostly liquids and such). But i'm not going to feel bad for over packing. I had the space, so why not? I gotta get my 25 dollars worth! :)

See you after my Vacation! I'm hoping to get some style files shot while I'm there so I can post them later for you.


Anonymous said...

Great advice for traveling! Hopefully, I'll have an excuse to put it to use soon. :)

I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding and with your vacation!

Vicki said...

Love the look, I always have problems getting things back into the bag for the trip home, have fun!