Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I need your help!

Ok, so I just bought this dress and these shoes. Do you think I can wear them together?

I think I can, but I'm also tempted to play it safe wearing a peep toe pump. Help!

(sorry they're crappy photos... yay for using Photobooth?)

Edit: the dress and belt have navy in them, not black. :)


Kelli Carruth said...

if the belt on the dress is also brown(can't tell from the picture) then I say yes. The dress is super cute btw!

LadyLiz said...

It's navy, actually. :)

Christine said...

I think it works well enough - maybe not the best combination in the world, but fine. Not that I'm a fashion guru or anything, haha!

Stephanie said...

It works, but if you had a belt similar in color to the shoes- it would REALLY work. :D