Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just a random update

Hey All!

I am sitting at church waiting for band practice to be over and to start the service. We were going to have a beach service, but severe weather caused us to move it to the regular sanctuary. My original plan was to sit at starbucks while everyone was setting up for the service (Brad runs sound so he has to help with that) and put up my pictures of the day from yesterday and today, but I forgot my memory card in my camera... so all you get for now is a little update on my life! Yay, I guess?

So lately I've just been working at Regent in the school of Government. I really enjoy working there. The people are great and I'm settling into my job quite nicely. I'm deciding what I want to continue studying. I'm thinking perhaps the divinity program, but we'll see. I get free tuition there since I'm a full time employee, so I think I had better take advantage of that. Free master's degree? Yes please. But it would take me forever to get because I would only be able to take a class or two at a time. Too many decisions to make!

I also recently became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I put through my first order last week, and I'm really excited to continue it. For the month of June half of everything I make is going to go to Joey Cottle. He recently lost his wife and needs as much financial support as he can get, if only to help buy diapers for his six month old daughter. If you're interested in ordering some Mary Kay products and want to help him out, you can order from my personal website: Let me know if you have any questions.

Brad and I had a busy month of May. We had some friends stay with us for the weekend, he ran sound at a show for the guys from church, and we went to Asheville NC for Bree's high school graduation. it was great, but I'm looking forward to having a couple weekends to just relax and not do much.

Look forward to my POTD (pictures of the day) later. Have a great sunday!

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