Saturday, October 11, 2008

And the count down begins...

Starting next Friday after classes it's fall break! We all like Fall Break a lot. It gives us a chance to relax a little. Anna and Jeremy and Laura and Abe are going to Colorado for the break. Brad and I and the rest of our friends are going to stay here. On friday we're all going to Shreveport to see a Mud Bugs game. It will be fun. I've heard they're a fun team to watch. And I like Hockey, so that's good. :) For the rest of my break I plan on working on homework, ordering wedding photos, and finishing my Scrap book for Israel. That way I can start my wedding scrap book over Christmas Break (maybe). I'm having a hard time picking out wedding pictures and then deciding if I want them in color or Black and white. I keep changing my mind. I guess I just have to pick something and go with it. Haha.

This week I have a test every day starting on Tuesday. Tuesday is western civ, wednesday is Romans, thursday is psychology, and friday is Greek. So this weekend/week is going to involve a TON of studying. But that's better than doing homework, in my opinion at least.

Brad is doing well. He's working hard on homework and projects. He's looking forward to next semester because its going to be less work, at least he thinks so. We've both been looking at our schedules for next semester, and he has a few time conflicts. He's a little annoyed at that, but it should all work. I think I'm going to take my lab next semester, instead of over the summer. The lab that was over the summer (Astronomy) seemed interesting, but it meets MWF evenings, which means I would have to miss youth group for 5 weeks. I could do it, but I would like to be there because Jerod needs me. So instead I'm going to take one of my other required courses over the summer (Fine Arts) and maybe an extra Bible class. I'm done with Bible classes, but I would like to take more. Brad and I decided it would be ok if I just took a couple extra classes over the summer "for fun" so it'll keep me busy. I can't really get a full time off campus job this summer because we don't have a second car and don't really have the cash at the moment. Also, I already need to take another class. I'll probably just work on-campus and see where that gets me. :0)

Well, I better get going on homework. Lunch is going to be soon and Anna and I are running to the mall really quick after lunch. She needs to look at some stuff, and I haven't been off campus to do just some window shopping in a while. :0)

Talk to you all later!

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Vicki said...

Sounds like you have alot to look forward to after the tests this week. Hope you have great luck on your tests!! I am looking forward to hearing how the hockey game went. Our first High School game is in the future yet. Can't wait. Red Wings started the season with a loss, sad.