Saturday, May 14, 2011

Style File 5/14/11

 Well... I took a bit on an unintentional hiatus. I just got really busy at work with Graduation, so I was SUPER tired when I got home. Then last weekend we had some good friend's of our from Texas spend the weekend with us. It was great fun, and I do have some style file pics from that weekend that I'll post later. :) But I think I'm back, for now anyway. :)
 Here is a simple and comfy weekend outfit for me. I picked up the tee on sale at Target. I also have a white one. There's just something so casual, but still a little grown up about a fitted tee. I feel no shame in wearing them.
 I've had these jeans for a bit now, and I just love them. Levi's 515 are so comfy and fit me the best. I have not found a jean that even competes with the 515s as far as fit goes. I should just go out and buy fifty pairs of these jeans before they change how they cut them.
 I have had this scarf probably since high school. I rarely wear it, though, because I was kind of afraid. I'm not sure why. there are so many creative ways to tie and wear a scarf. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship I am going to have with scarves.
 The earrings are also some of my favorites. I like big earrings. I like kind of funky earrings. I think these are both.
I just picked up these flats from Target last week. They were 4.98 on clearance. That's the second pair of Target shoes i've scored for under five bucks this month. I guess I'm just at the right place at the right time? 
So there's my weekend style file. What do you like to wear on the weekend? I tend to go for jeans and comfy clothes now that I'm working because I have to dress up all week long. It's kind of a nice feeling to be dressy enough during the week that I like dressing down a bit for the weekend. Have a happy weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhaa, I pretty much stay in my nightgown all weekend. :p