Monday, May 23, 2011

Style File 5-23-11

Sorry for the hiatus again. It's just hard trying to find a schedule that works for me! I think I'm going to modify and say a scrap book page goes up twice a month whenever I get them done. It'll be an unexpected post to keep you on your toes! As for What's For Dinner? I am still going to try to get those up once a week, but I think I'm going to flip when it goes up: Style Files on Monday and What's for Dinner? on Saturdays.

Anyway, here are my photos. I just got a Macbook Pro, which I love. So these are edited in iPhoto until I buy the appropriate editing program. I don't they're half bad for iPhoto. I wasn't expecting to be able to do much in it, but you can do a lot of tweaks in there! Any Mac users have any other insights for me?

You've definitely seen all the elements of this outfit before. I used this shirt in a recent style file, but I just like it a lot for the summer, so you get to see it again! While our friends Matt and Bekah were visiting us a couple weeks ago, we went to the Chrysler Museum of Art. It was a lot of fun, and I got in a style file shoot on the beautiful stairs they have.

 So it's starting to warm up here, which means places like the Chrysler crank up the air conditioning. So I opted for jeans and a cardi over my shirt.
 I've been very in love with braids lately. I think it's because my hair is finally long enough to employ them in cool ways. You should try implementing a braid here and there. They're great fun!
 Owl necklace!

Floral Tank- Old Navy
Black Cardi- JC Penney
Skinny Jeans- Thrifted; Forever 21
Shoes- GAP
Sunglasses- Target
Owl Necklace- Forever 21


Vicki said...

What a pretty outfit! I love it. And I have always loved braids, my hair may be long enough to try it for the hot days of summer. You look great!

Anonymous said...

I really love your braids in there. Unexpected when viewing from the front and then when you turn they are there in this subtle beauty :) It looks really nice.