Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wow... I have severly neglected my blogging...

Well, classes have been in session for two weeks now. We have tomorrow off because of MLK day. :)

So far, I have A LOT of reading. It's kind of lame, but at least it isn't difficult stuff.

We went bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday, and it was pretty much a bust. We're going to go to David's Bridal tomorrow afternoon to see if we have any better luck. Yesterday, while an adventure, was stressful, not profitable, and annoying. There is no reason I should be putting on a size 14 dress and have it not fit. Lame and a half. Also, it's hard to get three very different shaped girls to look good in a dress. I also managed to cut a corner a little too close and rip a piece of plastic off the car. Also lame. Overall, not a great day.

But I came home and baked Gordon a key lime pie. He bought the ingredients and I made it for him. It turned out ok. I just don't think I liked the recipe.

OH, and for your viewing pleasure. This is a car that Brad and I parked by at walmart this evening. I thought it was hilarious. You can't see it but, the paint job was intense. It's not that great of a picture, but notice the horn it has on the front end. Also, notice the ridiculous lift kit on it. Only in Longview.

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Vicki said...

I have seen a few of the "pimped" out cars in my travels about the Midwest. I had a hard time backing out of Danelle's and was teased by the bevy of men watching the football game (about 10 of them,) however, if I remember right your Dad backed in to the mail box.... I was just slow, made multiple adjustments and took forever. Hopefully it is a small little ding and no big deal. Good luck dress shopping, I found it more difficult than I imagined. Opinions, colors, too much cleaveage... etc. :)