Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow, Apple Pie, and Valentine's Day

Since I last updated this, there have been some eventful happenings! Last friday we had a snow day. We got something like 4-6 inches of snow. And it stayed on the ground! We didn't get the whole day off, but they delayed school until Chapel (so no morning class for me!). Then one of my professors cancelled his afternoon class because too many of our commuters weren't able to make it in. In a class of 15 missing six people is bad! Here's some of the pictures of the snow:

this was from Thursday. Not much snow; a light dusting, really.


This is Friday morning. It was incredibly pretty. Students were our playing in the snow all morning. Lots and lots of snowmen being built! I didn't play in the snow because I wasn't feeling well, but it was kind of fun to see all the snow creations people made around campus. Some people even made three large "snow boulders" and put them accross the road to make a road block. It was really funny. I enjoyed my day off by babysitting Sam and doing homework. The babysitting was pretty fun, the homework was not. 
For Valentine's day, Brad and I had a pretty low-key day. Brad baked me an apple pie (my favorite dessert!) and made me dinner. He didn't tell me what dinner was, but it ended up being Tortilla Soup (another one of my favorites!). It was very good. He even put rose petals on the table and put out some candles. It was really cute, and the food was yummy. Then we watched the movie "The Proposal". I recommend that movie, it's pretty funny, for a chick flick. I also got a fair amount of chocolate. Yum!

This weekend is a D-now weekend for our youth group. That means on Friday and Saturday night i'll be staying with the girls from my small group. I'm sure there will be little sleep involved, but that's the fun part of d-now, right? All youth group trips come with little to no sleep. I just hope there won't be too many shenanigans! I'm also singing in the worship band on Sunday morning. I've never sang before at this church, so I hope it ends up being good. I would be very sad if everyone thought I sucked, haha.

Time to work on some homework!

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Vicki said...

Snow in Texas! Now that is a story worth repeating when you are old... Sounds like you have a very full weekend of fun. I am glad that sleep in on for me because I get grumpy otherwise and sick. Oh wait, I am like that today!