Thursday, November 29, 2012

Woah. I'm alive.

I was going to come on here and say that more outfits will be coming blah blah blah, but I don't really want to commit to something I might not follow through on. The thing is I have a lot on my plate right now. A lot. It's mostly mundane things like school, my dog is mysteriously injured and I have to baby her, our hotwater heater flooded our condo (and our neighbor's condos), etc. We do have a few Big Things going on, but nothing that I'm ready to talk about yet (no I am not pregnant and no one is dying, I promise). All that to say... something in my life had to give and I chose blogging over some other things. I hope to be back at it again sometime soon, but life is life and it's unpredictable sometimes!

I did want to share some Link Love though, so you can see what I've been browsing lately.

I'm tweaking this pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe and making it this afternoon. Be jealous!

Modcloth has been having a great sale. I've been drooling over this dress and this one and this one.

This dress on pinterest had me drooling for days.

I can't wait to try this soup.

Jen of Jen Loves Kev cracked me up with this story.

I had lots of luck on Black Friday. I am now the proud owner of a dutch oven.

Rockstar Diaries has me wishing we could go back to Rome again.

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