Sunday, April 19, 2015

What We've Been Up To

Whew. What a couple of months. Lately the girls and I have been busy but when I go to type it out it doesn't seem like we do *that* much.  Typical day consists of getting up, getting breakfast, going to workout, home/shower, lunch, nap, play until dinner/run errands/whatever else we can fit from 2:30-5pm, dinner, bath, bed. I suppose that's just life with toddlers!

I find myself frustrated often because I just feel so thwarted all the time. No matter what I try to do, something prevents it from being accomplished, I'm running late, or the task otherwise takes 4 times longer than it should. I've been trying to reframe my thoughts a little. Things that used to be incredibly frustrating to me, I'm trying to look at it as important time spent with my girls. I know that sounds a bit cliche, but I also don't want to spend a vast majority of my time frustrated when a simple attitude adjustment is all that's needed. So instead of getting mad that Amelia is once again pulling my pile of wipes off the table and running all over with them, I've taught her how to help me make a pile of wipes. Of course there is a fair amount of taking my stuff off the table and running off with it, but I've noticed simple praise of what they're doing has gone a long way in teaching them how to do something. Instead of saying "No, Amelia, stop doing that", I say "Amelia, can you help me make a stack of the wipes? Thank you so much for being so helpful!" And you know what? She smiles really big at me and continues stacking the wipes. I'm not frustrated and I've found a way to build her confidence in her ability to help me. Eleanor helps me by taking the wipes and goes and dusts off the mantle and the coffee table. So yeah, the task has taken me a lot longer to do but I've also spent time teaching my girls how to help with laundry and found ways to build their confidence. I know it sounds so simple but this feels like a break through for me. It isn't about getting the task accomplished as fast as possible all the time.

So what have we been up to since my last update? Let's see... I've run a half-marathon (a separate post about that is forthcoming), we've continued in speech therapy, had our fair share of sicknesses, spring has arrived, and there has been lots of playing outside and in general better attitudes with better weather.

 All of these pictures are from Easter Sunday. Most of them are from the Egg hunt we had before the service at Church. I didn't get many good pictures, but again, toddlers! haha! Easter was pretty low key. We gave the girls a basket with two big water bottles (kid versions of mine because they would fight over mine), two board books, shoes for their Easter dresses, and some candy for Daddy. :) Then that afternoon we went to the Egg Hunt at church, enjoyed an Easter service, and a great potluck meal after the service.

Speech Therapy has been going well. Both girls are using more actual words, but are also still doing signs.  Amelia has fewer words than Eleanor, but she's building her vocabulary more an more. She says: more, diaper, no, mama, baby, ball, sock, and signs please and eat. Eleanor does all of that plus: thank you, cheese, choo choo, moo, and probably some I'm forgetting. We will continue to be in speech therapy until they have "caught up" to where they "should be", which we will evaluate in a couple of months.

This is about the best family picture we got on Easter. Haha! Eleanor's face cracks me up! I think the biggest news that I haven't shared much about is that I am beginning the steps to become a labor doula. I will be doing a workshop through toLabor in June and then have a few other steps to become fully certified. I already have two moms willing to use me as their doula for my certification. I'm really excited about this prospect for several reasons. First, I believe every mom needs support during labor. It's a vulnerable time for a mom and depending on how she is or isn't supported may affect the outcome of her birth. Second, I am a firm believe in informed consent. Sometimes parents aren't fully given all of the information before certain things are done to them. That doesn't mean that I'm anti-intervention at all; just that I see the role of a doula as both a support person and an advocate in an intense situation. Birth should be something the mother participates in and experiences; not a process that is done TO her.  If you want to talk to me about attending your birth, I'm available in late August. Please get a hold of me! :)

(this is the runner up for "best family picture. haha) 

The girls are both growing and getting more and more capable of things every day. Sometimes it's maddening, like when they learned how to climb up on the dining room table and started running around on the table. That's an all day battle right now. But it's also sweet to see them sitting down with a book flipping through the pages babbling and pretending to read. Or when they tackle each other and collapse into fits of giggles. At their 18 month appointment, the doctor was amazed to reflect on how small they were in the beginning but now how they're well within average ranges for weight and height. Toddlerhood has brought some great challenges but overall I am loving it so much! They're at such a fun age! Maybe I'm crazy, but this truly is my favorite stage so far. It just keeps getting better! 

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Toddlers are so much fun! Maybe you should just dance on the table with them ;)