Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What We're Up To: Petting Farm

On Monday morning, we headed out to The Hunt Club petting farm. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Amelia is going through a bit of a fearful stage, especially in regard to animals. She absolutely does not like the squirrels running around our little patio and birds sometimes scare her. Since I taught her the sign for bird and made it a little game to point them out, she's a little less afraid. She wasn't afraid of the animals, but she wasn't as into petting them as Eleanor was.

The first thing that greeted us was this giant turkey. He was not shy at all. He was just strutting around (not in an enclosure) and had zero problem coming right up to you. I have to admit I was afraid of him at first. Turkeys are huge and they are kind of imposing when they're making weird noises and running straight toward you. I think he just really wanted us to feed him.

The little goats are always my favorite. Baby goats are so cute and affectionate! There were several mommy goats there, one of which still hadn't had her babies. This little goat jumped right into my lap when I squatted down to take his picture. He also attempted to eat my shoe laces and camera strap.
The baby goats in this particular enclosure were very small, so we couldn't go in. But they definitely jumped right up to get a pat on the head through the fence. Amelia was sold.

Both girls really liked the chickens. You could go right into the coop and pick them up if you wanted. I liked the chickens ok, but the freak me out. The chickens were funny to watch though. I didn't get many pictures of the girls petting them, but they got a huge kick out of the chickens. We visited the chicken coop twice.

This pig is a character. I was squatting down to get a picture of Amelia and a goat when this pig came running at me. I thought it was going to come get me or something. Nope. He ran, flopped down, and rolled over so I would pet his belly. It was hilariously funny. And now I kind of want a pig as a pet.

This was such a cute baby goat. It's just a gratuitous picture. haha.

Overall the petting farm was a hit. :) I would recommend going to it if you're local. Definitely worth the 5 bucks per person (and kids under two are free). They had a huge variety of animals, many of which I didn't get pictures of. They had several ducks and geese, peacocks, llamas, a donkey, a huge pig, some calves, and some bunnies.

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