Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Home!

Well, I've been home since Sunday. I haven't really done much. Yesterday and today I spent filling out and turning back in job applications. Turns out, no one is hiring. I feel like i've applied EVERYWHERE.
Places So Far I have Submitted An Application or Left My Name:
Bath and Body Works
Home Depot
Alpine Oven
Ben Franklin
Spud Warehouse
Diana's Delights
Oliver's Trendz
The Library (yep, I even asked if the Library needed me at all this summer.)

Places I have An Application to Return:
Arlene's Diner
Dress Barn
Fashion Bug
Bigby's Coffee

Places I Could Still Apply At:
Old Navy

It's a little depressing being told everywhere I go that they aren't hiring. :( I just need a job. At this point I'm even considering working at a grocery store.

Other than job hunting, I've been scrapbooking and working on wedding stuff. Tomorrow i'm going to go check on the caterer and pick up an invitation book so I can order invitations by the end of the week. I need to get Brad going on picking a tux and starting on getting the guys measured so I can order the tuxes. We're planning on going downstate Memorial Day weekend to shop for wedding attire for my parents and brother as well as flowers. We need to get going on getting the flower's arranged and made. Yay wedding details!

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