Saturday, October 24, 2009


So, since my mom made a comment on my latest blog, I feel I should not disappoint my one follower. Here's another update:

I'm trying to raise funds to go on a Mission Trip to Australia. I would leave the sunday after I graduate and not come back until June. So it's almost a month long. But we'll have so many opportunities and see so many cool things. We'll even have the opportunity to visit some aboriginal tribes!

Other than that it's just business as usual. I made some brownies from scratch for a pumpkin carving party that Married Student housing is having this evening. I hope they taste fine. I didn't have any baking cocoa so I used the "substitute" method and used oil and cocoa powder. The batter tasted a little bitter to me, but I'm planning on putting some frosting on them, so hopefully they won't be too yucky. :)

I'll have to post some pictures of our pumpkin later on tonight.

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Vicki said...

the brownies sound good!! I can assure you that you have more than one follower!! I wish I could go to Austrailia with you....