Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's another rainy day in Texas...

Today is another rainy day in TX. I do not remember it raining this much in the Fall. All four Falls that I have been here it rained a little, but not incessantly like this. Lots of the nearby rivers are so flooded it isn't funny. While we were in Shreveport last weekend we passed a park that was completely underwater. Only the tops of the trees were poking out of the water!

I've been running lately. I decided that I'm going to run the Student Foundation 5k this year. I'm not really sure why I decided that, but I did. So now i'm following through. I'm up to running two miles non-stop. This, for me, is quite the feat considering in high school (when, presumably, i was the most physically fit) I couldn't even run one mile non-stop. I'm feeling a little accomplished.

Aside from school, I've been knitting a scarf. I found a barely started scarf in a box my mom had sent me probably a year ago. I've been working on it. Maybe I'll give it away as a Christmas gift or something. The Career Fair is on Thursday. There isn't a whole lot for ministry majors, but there are some random places looking for people. Aflac will be there looking for agents to sell their insurance, some banks are looking for tellers. It kind of depresses me thinking that my first job out of college will just be something to pay off loans, not something I love to do or have studied to do. But you know, I guess that is life. Grad school is still a possibility. Dallas Theological Seminary will be at the Career fair, so I'm going to talk to an admissions rep and see what I can find out. The degree I'm looking at is a Masters in Theology (it's eqivalent to an MDiv). It's totally overkill for what I want to do, but it seems the most interesting to me. Unfortunatly it's a four year degree program and i don't think they have a lot of online stuff. So we'll see how the career fair goes.

I need to get going. I need to leave for class in fifteen minutes and I still have wet hair! :)

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Vicki said...

Running, wow!! I couldn't even walk that much right now. I am glad you are liking the running. I am sticking to the Wii fit.

Can't wait to see your scarf!