Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back to real life, I guess.

I've been back in the States since Wednesday afternoon, so only a couple of days. And what a couple of days that has been! The first two nights back I didn't sleep well at all. The first night I got four hours of sleep before I woke up at 3 and stayed up until 5. Then I slept again for a while. The second night I slept for only three hours! But last night, oh it was glorious, I SLEPT THE WHOLE NIGHT FROM 11 UNTIL 10 IN THE MORNING. I feel like a new woman! Yesterday I was just so exhausted I started crying. For no reason other than being so ridiculously tired.

When I got to my apartment for the first time, I was actually kind of sad. It wasn't at all how I left it. Brad has been wonderful and began packing it all up, so there are boxes and packing stuff everywhere. I was just kind of sad because it made moving much more real. Before I came back, our move to Virginia seemed so far off, so I just didn't worry about it. Now I'm confronted with the reality that yes, I am moving in about a two and a half weeks. Our plan is to be out on June 17th. It's pretty close! I have a lot more packing to do, but it's going to be do able. 

We also found out on Thursday afternoon that Brad needed to get his wisdom teeth removed. And then they did it Friday. Yesterday he was feeling a bit icky, with having the surgery and everything, but today he seems almost back to his old self. With the exception of only being able to eat soft foods. He keeps complaining of being hungry, but there isn't much I can do about that other than feed him lots of soup. And we all know how filling that is. Haha. But he'll get through this, and feel better after. His teeth were infected, so he had been feeling a lot of pain before they came out. But it sure was a whirlwind adventure getting his teeth out yesterday. Then I had to brave Walmart and get his drugs for him. That was a joke. They told me they'd be done in 45 minutes when I dropped them off at ten. So then I brought Brad back home and helped him change his gauze and all that jazz and left to get his meds at around 11. When I got there the meds still weren't done. I didn't get them until 12! And I only got them when I did when I complained a lot about the wait. I wasn't mean about it, but I did say "When I dropped these off two hours ago I was told they would be done in forty five minutes. I realize that you're swamped today, but if you weren't going to be able to get them done in forty five minutes you shouldn't have said they would be done yet. I've been waiting to get these for an hour and I really need to get home." Needless today, I had the drugs in my hands ten minutes later.

Today the plan is to organize a bit, do some laundry, fold said laundry, and work out on the wii fit. After being gone for three and a half weeks and not being able to run, it feels so great working out again. Unfortunately Solheim is closed on the weekends during the summer, so I'm going to substitute Wii fit for a run. It will be fun!

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Vicki said...

weclome back; so glad you are sleeping. Hope Brad is back on his feet. Four teeth out at once must be some kind of record. The move sounds like it is going according to plan
It never seemed real to me when I moved until I slept in the new place for the first time. Hmmm; I gotta figure out the best scrpbooking stores oh there is ho hobby lobby!!