Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We have the internet in our apartment, finally! Those stupid honey bees sure did put a damper on our internet connecting. But they are all taken care of for now.

We got our apartment completely unpacked by Saturday morning. I'll definitely post some pictures later, probably tomorrow. Our apartment shaped up to be pretty nice. It's a bit bigger than our last apartment, and it has a washer/dryer and a dishwasher. That right there makes it awesome, haha. Virginia Beach is much bigger than anywhere I have ever lived and it's very trafficky. Thankfully, our apartment is in an awesome location and I don't have to drive too far to get to anywhere I want to go. It was an adventure trying to find places because I don't think the road systems make much sense. They just kind of loop around one another. There are basically three main roads that once you're on them you can get pretty much anywhere you need to be.

I've been doing a fair amount of scrapbooking. Monday I spent a good part of the day scrapping with Jessie (she's engaged to Brad's friend Jonathan who helped Brad get the job). She has a cricut and I am IN LOVE WITH THAT THING. I NEED ONE BAD. Just saying. :0)

Well I have some other stuff I need to attend to, like the kitchen and the laundry. Pics to come tomorrow!

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