Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tour of the Apartment: In Pictures

Well hello there! I know I promised pictures like a week ago, but there is a reason for the delay. I had taken all the pictures of the apartment and was ready to go, and when I put the card from the camera in my computer, something happened and my computer ate all of the pictures on the card. Including all of the pictures of the moving process. I no longer have any pictures of packing up the old apartment or moving into the new apartment; as you could imagine I was very sad about this. I decided not to take new pictures right then because I was so mad/sad. Then Brad's parents came in for the weekend and things just got a little crazy! But here I am now, with pictures of lots of stuff. This is going to be a very picture heavy post. I think later on this week I will make a fourth of July post and show you what we were up to on the holiday. For now, you need to sit back, relax and enjoy the tour of the apartment!

First, this is our entry way:

If you walk through the door and keep going you'll get to the living room/dining room/kitchen area. If you were to walk straight in and turn to your right you would see this:
We acquired the coffee table from Brad's parents and they took the other blue chair back home with them. The thing on the coffee table is a candle holder thing, but I haven't gotten candles for it yet. We also bought that bookshelf (along with another smaller one! so we have a grand total of FIVE book shelves). The little table with the lamp on is also new, and it houses my Shrine to Australia (a photo album, the akubra, a boomer ring, and a little picture book of Brisbane). I think the TV fits much better in this space, don't you? The big window is the door to our small balcony.

If you were to stand in the middle of the living room with you back to the book shelf and balcony you would see this:
It's obviously our dining area, with our little dining table and new china cabinet. The cupboards in our apartment are too small to store food AND dishes, so we had to get something to put all of our dishes in. We discovered this china cabinet at Goodwill for 25 bucks. Steal of the century!

If you sat in that chair in front of the china cabinet you would see into the kitchen: 

Behind those doors is the washer and dryer.

If you left the kitchen and continued back through the main walkway you would find our office to your right: If you looked out the window you would see the fountain. This view costs us 20 bucks a month.
Instead of looking out the window, if you turned around you would see our bookshelf with our movie collection in it as well as our storage closet (which you can't really see in this pic. But it isn't anything exciting):

Right across the way from the office is the my/the guest bathroom: 
Now you're about to leave the apartment, but wait! You haven't seen our bedroom! Instead of walking out the front door, you need to take a left into the Master Suite:
I painted the dresser (which we got at a thrift store for 10 bucks) and the bedside table (that was ours) to match our color scheme. You'll see a door in the last picture off to the left of the bed. That is the Man bathroom. It's really small so I didn't post any pictures of it, but it's just a bathroom. The shower curtain is red, the bath mat is brown, and the "sink accessories" (soap pump and such) are also brown. In that last picture you also see a door off to the right of the bed, but it's kind of cut off. That goes into our HUGE WALK-IN CLOSET:

So there you have it, there is the apartment in pictures. :0)


Vicki said...

looks great, and I think the view is worth it!!! It looks very well planned out with the furniture and accessories. Nice job

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Love the coffee table and the candles and the painted dresser! Woohoo :o)

Marcia said...

Thanks for the awesome apt tour!!! Everything looks super! You have done a lot of work... I think the view of the fountain is worth $20... Good job.