Thursday, July 22, 2010


Not much has been happening since I last posted. I'm just kind of waiting to hear back from some places about a job (nothing new on that front). I officially got accepted into Asbury Theological seminary, so as soon as I get all of my ducks in a row I will be starting an MDiv program in the Fall. I am rather excited about it, for sure! I'm not sure how the job situation is going to pan out with that. I'm kind of hoping to just do substitute teaching for awhile. It's something flexible that I can turn down if I'm swamped with school or something, but I think it's also something that I would be able to do almost full time if I played my cards right.

We got a dog, as most of you know, I'm sure. She's a beagle mix, and she's SO CUTE. She's mostly well behaved, but she does bark while we're gone. So I'm not sure how to eliminate that. A friend of mine suggested that we get a DAP diffuser. DAP is Dog Appeasement Pheromone. Apparently it's the synthetic form of some hormone that mother dogs make in their milk for their puppies and it helps them calm down. I'm hoping this works, if not I guess our last resort is a bark collar. I'm not sure a bark collar will work if she's barking because she's anxious that we're gone. I'm afraid she would just bark and shock herself continuously.  We're working on it though. She had to go into the vet's to get her next heartworm treatment, I get to pick her up this afternoon. She went in on Tuesday morning because she was making this weird snorting sound, but it turned out to be nothing. Instead of making me drive to Norfolk again to pick her up, and then out again on Thursday for the heartworm treatment, they just kept her Tuesday night. Then they did the treatment on Wednesday morning and observed her for the rest of the day/this morning. It's funny how she's only been here for about a week and it already felt weird to have her gone!

I've been keeping up on my running, but I've also started doing Jillian Michael's or Biggest Loser once a week. I kind of want to tone up a little bit. I've also stopped trying to actively lose weight, but to maintain where I'm at now. It's been going pretty well, just gotta keep working out. Speaking of which, it's about that time!

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Vicki said...

She is a really pretty dog. I hope she is doing well and it is amazing how fast we can become quite attached to the little beasts.