Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Still haven't done much lately. I feel like I'm always saying that. I guess my life is a little boring these days. I feel like all I ever do is sleep in, get up, waste time in cyberspace, go running, lunch, shower, watch TV episodes or read, cook dinner, watch more TV or read more, go to bed. Rinse, repeat. It sounds kind of lame, probably because it is! Haha.

I did have a job interview on Monday for a receptionist position for the hospital in town. The job is actually in an imaging and lab facility. The hours are kind of poopy- 11:00 am until 7:30pm and then every third Saturday (which keeps changing, by the way. It was originally posted for every fifth saturday, then it changed to every fourth, and now every third!) from 7:00am until 1:30pm. The position actually works half in one office and then half in another. Anyway, I'm not really convinced this job is the right job for me. It seemed pretty unorganized. Plus, the whole interview was less than ten minutes long and consisted of approximately three or four questions. I don't really think she liked me much, and she's interviewing a ton of people (apparently). I don't feel like I stood out or anything, so maybe they won't offer me the job. But we'll see, she said she was going to try to make a decision by Friday.

I'm in the middle of all the applications and such for being a substitute teacher. It's kind of a lot (and a lot of money too!) each school district requires a CPS background check, which is a fee every time. It's kind of stupid; why can't they just use the same background check? I also had to go get a TB test done. I've had them done in the past and have forgotten to go get them read... I CANNOT FORGET THIS TIME. I even have a post it note to remind me. I'm applying to three school districts, maybe four. Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and maybe Newport News. Newport News is kind of far away, but if Brad is driving there everyday, it wouldn't be that big of a deal to just go with him and coordinate schedules for that day.

I went thrifting yesterday evening at good will. I found a silk skirt for two and a half bucks and a pair of Forever 21 jeans for seven bucks. I was pleased with my choices. Got two nice things for 9.50. Good deal! I'm thinking about going to Salvation Army later this evening to check out their clothes. I'm getting kind of bored being cooped up in my apartment all the time.

Louisanna hasn't barked while I've been gone for two days so I'm hoping that's a permanent development, because I definitely feel more free to leave knowing my neighbors aren't going to hate me. She also didn't have any accidents in the apartment at all yesterday. So I guess the key is to not let her have so much water! That sounds mean, but if she's drinking so much that she's peeing every hour and half, that's too much. In my opinion anyway.

The heatwave finally left us! It's been in the mid eighties for two days now (Praise the Lord!). It's supposed to be back up in the 90s by next week, but that's still cooler than 115 degree heat index! Just saying. I'm thinking this weekend Brad and I might head to the beach on Saturday. We haven't been there since 4th of July weekend, so it might be fun to go this week. It'll be cooler, so hopefully we won't burn our feet off on the sand. Let me tell you what, that sand gets really really hot sometimes.

Time to go running, for sure! It's almost noon. Time to stop being lazy!

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