Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Puree

Well the pumpkin puree was easy! A little messy, but easy. Seriously. All you do is roast your pumpkin, then scoop out the insides into a blender, add a little water, and blend it all up. The best part was lining a mesh strainer with paper towel and straining the water out (pumpkins have too much water in them right off the bat, plus you added water to puree it), then you have beautiful pumpkin puree. So far I've made two loaves of pumpkin bread with it. I have about a cup of puree in my freezer and will be using it on Saturday to make pumpkin pasties from Harry Potter (found here:

On Halloween, Brad and I are making Butterbeers, eating pumpkin pasties, and watching the last Harry Potter movie. We wanted to refresh ourselves for when the next installment comes out. November 19th! It will be a fun little halloween activity. We've also got a bit of candy to hand out, but I doubt any trick-or-treaters are going to venture up here. It would be fun if they did though!

Let's see... nothing else very exciting is going on with us. Brad's just working and I'm working on doing school. I found out earlier this week that the substitute people had entered my phone number wrong and had been calling someone else all this time. No wonder I never got calls! I've gotten one every morning this week. Unfortunately I'm working on a fairly large project for school, so I've had to turn them down. I think maybe tomorrow or Friday I might be able to accept a job. So, we'll see. If some other person has been getting my calls I can see how annoying that would be to be woken at 6:30 every morning with a call from a robot, haha.

The weather has been weird this week. It's been really warm (today it's supposed to be 85 out) but it's also been really windy and rainy. Not particularly stormy, but just kind of wet and gross outside. I want it to go away and be cold. It's almost November for Pete's sake!

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