Friday, November 19, 2010

It's the Holiday season, and whoop de doo and dickory dock...

I won't lie. I've been listening to Christmas music since Monday. I blame it on the fact that we are going to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving, and that weekend we will also do Boyce extended family Christmas. So we've been thinking in terms of gift shopping, what foods to bring, ect. We're also probably going to get our Tree and such up this weekend. We figure that it will be nice to have it all up and ready to go when we get back. That way it can all be up for a while before we leave for MI for ten days at Christmas time. It makes sense to me. Haha.

This week I've just been working hard on school. Next week is "reading week", so I don't have my regular modules for classes. I'm still going to try to get reasonably ahead in my classes though, because i have a couple of big papers for my classes due in the middle of December.

Yesterday was a baking evening for me. I made candy-land cupcakes for Brad to take to work. They're doing this thing where every cube group brings in a dish from a country to celebrate Thanksgiving. He and his cube mate couldn't really think of anything so they picked "Candy Land", haha. So I made pumpkin spice cupcakes with (yellow) butter cream frosting. I put sprinkles and on half of them rolos to top them off, and the other half got dum-dum suckers sticking out of them. I thought it was clever. I also got the stuff to make the goodies I'm taking to IN for the Thanksgiving meal. I made the cake for a pumpkin roll, but it got a little over browned, so I might just keep that one for later. I have enough pumpkin to make another one, so I might have to do a take 2 today. I'm also going to make an apple pie today to take to IN. I figure if I freeze both of them and then transport them in a cooler, they'll travel just great. I've been thinking about what I want to take to MI, and I think I might bring a pumpkin loaf. I have a healthy recipe that uses wheat flour, egg beaters, and some other healthified ingredients. The bread is actually pretty good. I wouldn't even know it was a "healthy" version unless I made it.

This weekend, aside from getting the Christmas stuff out, we're planning on seeing Harry Potter (probably Sunday afternoon). On Saturday they're having the Light Up Town Center! thing. Santa will be there and they're going to plug in all the Christmas lights, so we're planning on going to that. Norfolk is also doing their Illumination Parade that evening, so me might try to catch that too. So much Christmas stuff going on, but I'm ok with it. This year I've been getting into the Christmas mood wayyyyyyyyyy early. I think it's because I'm super excited to go see my Fam for a nice long visit over Christmas and New Year's.

Anyway, it's time to get going on school work!

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