Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boston Pics Part 3

O.M.G. I am horrible at this!

I did actually sit down to post pictures a couple of times, but blogger ate them. So I thought I would try again...

Here's the final installment of the Boston pics:
 Reception Venue for Gordon and Thea's wedding.
 Me and my bestie (with diet coke, i promise).
 All of us ladies. (Anna, me, Bekah)
 Anna and Jeremy!
 Matt and Bekah!
 All the boys (Matt, Jonathan, Brad, Jeremy)

 The first dance... awww...
 Oh, the boys all grown up and married and stuff... (Matt, Jeremy, Gordon, Brad).

 The day after the wedding, we Matt and Bekah, Brad and I, with Jonathan went to explore Boston a bit. We decided to walk to the freedom trail.

 The next day Brad and I went to tour the Sam Adam's Brewery:

 Apparently they make this really really expensive brandy-like beer. It sells for 150 bucks and comes in a bottle like that.
 For lunch we went to the Cheers bar!

 Building at MIT.

 Harvard (I'm pretty sure...)
 The T!
 The Inn we stayed at.

 USS Constitution.

 Boston Public Garden

So serene there...

There's the end of the Boston pics (finally). Wish I could go back. :)

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Vicki said...

Very nice pictures. I had to look at the MIT building a couple of times to see all of it's angles!

Looks like everyone had a great time, that's what vacations are all about!!