Sunday, August 21, 2011

Style File 8/21/11

For our third anniversary, Brad and I ran off to Washington DC for the weekend. We took AmTrak there and back. We decided it was way easier than bothering with traffic and parking in the city.

We had so so SO much fun! We really crammed in a lot of stuff over the two and a half days we were there. One of the big things we did was go see Shear Maddness. It's a little murder mystery play. It was so funny and so entertaining (albeit mildly inappropriate at times). If you're ever in DC I recommend going to see it. It shows in the Theater Lab in the Kennedy Center.

Anyway, on to my style file. I wore this dress to go see the play. For our particular show, it was  a bit dressy. But that's ok because it was fun to dress up! I felt so girly and pretty in this dress. And that's what you're supposed to feel like on your anniversary, right? After the show we ate at Bertucci's Italian resturant. We ate at one in Boston and loved it. As luck would have it there was one right across the street from our hotel!

 I apologize for the semi poor quality of the photo, it came from my phone. We couldn't take a real camera into the theater with us. Anyway, this is on the terrace of the Kennedy Center. I love the skyline in the background.

Run Down:
Earrings (sorry you can't see them!): Gift from the hubs for our anniversary
Necklace: High school graduation gift from my grand parents
Dress: thrifted (five bucks!)
Shoes: Target (clearance rack for five bucks!)

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