Saturday, February 25, 2012


Obviously I have been a bit absent from the Blog lately. There are a couple reasons for that... So I thought I would give y'all an update.

First, I'm training for a half marathon. The race is in less than three weeks, so my off time has generally been about training for that. My long runs are usually on Saturdays and I'm usually out running for a couple hours (by the time you factor in driving to the Ocean front, parking, walking to the start point, getting my run in, getting back to the parking garage, and then driving back home, it's usually almost three hours). Then when I get home I have to do homework/clean/cook/do all my normal Saturday activities, on top of the fact that I'm just tired after a 10+ mile run and taking outfit pics is not on my list of things I want to do after.

And second, probably way more exciting too, I've been absent because my online time has been spent planning our vacation. Brad and I decided when we got married to not take a huge extravagant trip as our honeymoon. We also decided that someday we would take a fantastic trip, preferably before we were too old to enjoy it. As luck would have it we have just booked our fab trip!

We are going to...

We will be leaving on July 1st and returning on July 12th. We'll have roughly three days in each place. I know it is going to feel short in each place, but we really wanted to hit these cities at least once in our lifetime. It's honestly iffy that we'll ever get back. Plus, we figured that if we go to each place once, maybe over time we can return to each city for five days or so and not worry about trying to squeeze in a two week vacation.

Over the next couple of months, I am going to be sharing some of my Pinterest boards, things we plan to be doing, and of course some of the dresses I plan to purchase for the trip! :) We are very excited for our trip, but we've never been to Europe before. Any tips for us?

oh, be looking for an outfit post on Monday. I'm not going to run today because my knee is a bit sore. Since I'm so close to the race, I thought I better rest it another day and try to do the long run tomorrow (or maybe just have to skip it this week :( ). Anyway, that means I'll have time to shoot a style file today! Have a great weekend!

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