Monday, February 27, 2012

Style File 2/27/12

As promised I have an outfit photo to share! yay! I decided to go for something I wore to church. Our Church is pretty casual, as in our pastor preaches in jeans and and nice button down. More Sundays than not, I dress up for Church. It's just one of those things I like to do. Yesterday I felt like being a bit more casual.

 I think you have seen these jeans before. I love them; they actually came off a sale rack at target, but they've fast become my go-to skinnies in my closet. I pair them with everything from a tee-shirt, to a sweater and boots. And they're super comfortable, which is always a plus when talking about jeans.
 And my nude flats! I don't actually wear these a ton because they can be uncomfortable, but if I'm just running to church and back generally they're ok. They would not be if I were doing a significant amount of walking, but every girl has shoes like that.

Hope you all have a great week! Next week's Style File will be a break from my normal style files, so be looking for it! I think some of the guys out there might appreciate it!

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