Thursday, June 7, 2012

Instagrams and and Update

I see these pretty flowers every day on my way to the workout room. I love the colors.
Louisianna waits very patiently at dinner just to see if she's going to get any of our food.

Sometimes...this is what happens when we're packing.

Carnival at Mount Trashmore! This is from the top of the "Mountain".

Beautiful sunset on our walk with the dog last week.

It's a very difficult life, being a dog.

Ok. So. We are moving this weekend. I'll definitely put up a tour of the new place once we're in and settled. I also have plans to document several DIY projects that we have planned: refinishing the dressers and night stand, refinishing the dining room table, and painting a couple rooms. Who knows when we'll paint; that may not be until December. ha! But I do have a couple interior decorating things that I'd like to do and I'll be sure to keep you updated on those.

I also have a couple recipes to share with you.

And we're going to London, Paris, and Rome in THREE AND A HALF WEEKS. I will also be posting about that. :)

Lots to look forward to over here with Team Boyce.

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Vicki said...

Great pictures, I wonder what those flowers are? can't wait to see you new place in pictures.