Monday, June 25, 2012

Style File 6-25-12

Well... My Vlog is turning out to be sort of a pain. I'm not very good at editing so I need to shoot one that isn't in need of a ton of editing.'ll likely need to happen post-vacation. I know that's a bummer, but that's the way my life is right now. I have been trying though. :( But! I have a style file for you. The new place has some cool places to get outfit pics, so I'm really excited about that. This one features Louisianna, because she needed a walk and it was really good lighting for a shoot... Enjoy!

 So, you know I like dresses... well I like dresses even more in the summer. I'm on the go more, and dresses are easy. Grab one, grab some shoes, maybe a belt and some earrings and out you go! Plus...they're way cooler (as in temperature) than jeans are!

 I just picked up these espadrilles a couple weeks ago and I'm not sure why these are my first pair ever. I mean... they're so comfortable, even though they don't look it. My back definitely doesn't hurt after wearing these like it does after a day in stilettos. On that note, I didn't walk very far in these ;) and I don't recommend navigating loose gravel on railroad tracks in them. Just sayin'.
 This is my sock bun. I managed to get it perfect this time, as in the pony tail wasn't too tight so my head didn't hurt at the end of the day. It was supppperrr humid on this day, so I did have a lot of crazy fly-aways but my hair was up off my neck and that's what counts!
 It was hot. Could you tell?

Dress: target
Sunnies: Target, like two years ago
Espadrilles: DSW
Belt: H and M (I think?)

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Vicki said...

Love the dress and the tracks are a traditional place to walk the dog!! Love the hair it must be really long. Keep cool on those hot days!!!