Thursday, September 27, 2012

iPhone and Instagrams

Just another day at the Office

Babysitting is hard work.

Being a dog is hard.

See that dent? Yeah, I accidentally put that there. My car was fine.

On our way to the park!

Do you think they could have gotten any closer?

Baby Benjamin again!

A new dress always makes me feel awesome.

A pinterest inspiration. I managed to score all the candle holders on clearance. Everything cost me under 20 bucks.

My new favorite pair of shoes.

Brad rescued this grill from the dumpster and rebuilt it. I was dubious of it's safety at first, but it hasn't blown up yet.

This makes me happy.

Baby Benjamin!

It's boot weather (sort of).

I wish!


Vicki said...

love your pictures and the dress is very cute!

busy bee lauren said...

That little baby Benjamin is adorable!