Friday, August 9, 2013

Style File: 30 Weeks and 5 year anniversary!

 It feels a bit surreal to be in the 30's. Can I slow this train down??? I am not ready yet!

 This is probably my favorite maternity item that I've bought. The dress is super comfortable. A soft cotton dress is awesome for being very pregnant in the summer time. I also like the chevron-ish pattern to the dress. For some reason it feels more flattering to have the stripes make a V like that. I'm all about minimizing my width at the moment. ;) Since hitting 30 weeks I've had the following conversation at least four times:
Stranger: Are you going to have that baby any day now?
Me: Nope.
Stranger: When are you due?
Me: October.
Stranger: OCTOBER?! *shocked face*
Me: Yep, October.
Stranger: Are you having twins?
Me: Yep. (backing away slowly and the entire conversation I'm giving off "don't talk to me vibes").

On person even added "Oh, well you look good for having twins." I know they mean well, but I couldn't help but laugh a little at that one. So I look like crap in general but since it's twins I guess I look ok? I am not kidding when I say the conversation pretty much goes exactly like the above every. single. time. People are a bit predictable, aren't they?
 Doctor's appointment this morning was short and sweet. BP is great, I only gained like one or two lbs between appointments (instead of like seven ;) ), babies heart rates were good, belly is measuring 36 weeks. That's about right. I've been measuring 6 weeks ahead every time they do fundal height. It's totally normal for twins. It's actually kind of a useless measurement for twins but it's always interesting. The biggest news is that Baby A seems to be vertex now! yay! Baby B is still flip flopping. She started the ultrasound breech and then moved to vertex. That's really ok. Baby B's position isn't as big of a concern as Baby A's. We want her to stay vertex, for sure! My next appointment is on the 20th, and it's another growth scan so we'll know more about their approximate size and positions then.
 Tomorrow my lovely friends are throwing me a baby shower. I'm going to wear this dress because it makes me feel happy. I have very few items that make me feel awesome these days, so I thought I would capitalize on that feeling and wear it out.

And to close this post, I thought I would share this gem:
Brad and I are celebrating 5 wonderful years of marriage today. It's truly been an awesome five years. I say this not to make an illusion that our relationship is super perfect, but Brad is easy to be married to. We get along great and he truly is the best husband I could have ever asked for. We've had some wonderful adventures together, and I'm super excited to have even more adventures! He spoils me rotten and has been a total rockstar taking care of me during this pregnancy. I've been whiny, tired, puffy, grumpy, sick...and he just deals with it all by spoiling me, taking over most of the housework, and buying me more and more pillows to stack around myself at night. He's wonderful, and I'm glad he chose me!

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