Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pictures of Trick or Treat and my Hair

Today is going to be a picture post! Hehe. I got my hair cut this morning. Just trimmed really, but I thought you all might be interested in it. So here's the front:And Here's the Back:
After my hair appointment, I went grocery shopping. I got stuff for Brad's birthday celebration tomorrow. Apples and caramel, and some tortilla chips and some queso. Oh, and cake and ice cream. But that goes with out saying. :P

Here are some pictures of Trick Or Treat on College Street. Here's Anna and Laura painting faces:

And the Kelp Forest:

And the Manta Ray (he's under cellphane to make it look like we're under the ocean. We made a fake ceiling for the whole room out of blue cellophane. It was pretty cool):

Gordon walking through the Kelp Forest:

I didn't take a lot of pictures with the kids there, because I know I wouldn't want a stranger posting pictures of my kid online. So there's what I had! :0)


Vicki said...

The under the sea decorations are very cool and I would be fascinated if I were a kid trick or treating there.

Your hair looks great!!

Mine hasn't been cut since the wedding so It has a little bit of a wild look but I can almost put it in a ponytail. like I'd ever to that.


Grandma M said...

Very cool "under the sea" photos. Ya'll did a good job getting everything ready for the kids.

Love your hair - the do becomes you.

Papa and I had a nice relaxing Saturday. We DID NOT HAVE TO DO anything. How'd that happen?

Love ya... Grandma M

cedarchestquilts said...

Your & Brad's costumes are so cute! And thanks for posting the pictures of Thomas Hall--looks great. Visit my blog to see some LeT scarves I crochet---have fun & see if you can spot them on campus. Angie

Vicki said...

Yes when your Dad buys 50 pounds of apples you have to make at least one pie before the apples rot. It was pretty good, a little sweet but not bad. I think my cooking is starting to get better. I guess it is from all the meals I get to cook.

cedarchestquilts said...

I've left you an award at my blog, hope you play along!!