Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I have caught up on my homework. All that's left to do before classes start up again:
  • Edit Greek Paper
  • Edit, format, and make references page for my Counseling Paper
  • Memorize Greek Vocab words
  • Interview and type up Ethnography Report (won't do until Monday because that's when I can do my interview)
  • Type up a journal for doctrines
I'll probably leave it all until Sunday or Monday morning. Because I'm cool like that. Haha. I might try to edit my Greek paper and do the journal after I'm done cleaning the apartment. I'm working on cleaning up the apartment so when we web cam Brad's family, I won't be embarrassed by our messy office. Haha. I'm also going to make the pumpkin roll and the pumpkin pie this evening, as well as get the bread ready for the stuffing. :) I am excited to cook for tomorrow and celebrate Thanksgiving with Brad. I am happy to be starting our own little traditions. It seems insignificant to some, but I am excited to make traditions that will carry over to when we have children and such.

I think Brad and I are going to try to go out on Black Friday to finish up some Christmas shopping. We need to get gifts for the men of the family and a couple of the women. It's our dads and grandpas that are giving us trouble. We have no idea what to get them! But I really like Christmas shopping, so I'm sure we'll find something in our travels.

Anyway, I need to get going to finish picking up and getting things in our apartment in order. I would rather get everything clean this afternoon so I don't have to do it this weekend!

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