Friday, November 27, 2009

Picture Post!

So I realize I haven't posted many pictures lately! So here are a few recent ones of stuff we've been up to.

These are the pumpkins that we carved. From the Left is Brad's Pumpkin, Anna's Pumpkin, Jeremy's Pumkin, and my Pumpkin. Anna and I carved a face on the back of ours. Hence two photos of them. Haha. We had our pumpkins out for a day and then it poured. So they molded a lot. Since it was so moist and moldy, a Lizard took up residence in one of them. Haha.

These are from Brad's 23rd Birthday party. We had Jeremy and Anna and some of the guys from Brad's old floor come over for some pizza and cake.

 Recent picture of Sam. He's getting so big!

The aftermath of cooking the Thanksgiving feast!

The Feast! We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, pickles, and sparkling grape juice. For dessert we had pumpkin roll and pumpkin pie!

 So, I ran out of kitchen counter space, so the rolls had to stay in the oven for a minute after they beeped. Apparently they did not approve of this.

Turkey and stuffin' muffins!

We spent our friday after thanksgiving shopping in the morning (it was insane! but we got a lot of our Christmas shopping done.) and then putting up Christmas decorations in the afternoon. Tonight we are going to ring in the holdiay season by eating leftovers, pumpkin pie, drink egg nog and watch a movie. Here are pictures of the rest of our decor:

 I put up some of the decorations I got as a gift last year. The cool looking Santa on one speaker, and the snowman candle deal on the other speaker. Behind it is a book of pictures that Grandma got me last year. I'm working on the pictures right now. I ordered them and when I went to go pick them up at Walmart they told me the printer is broken and they will not be done tonight. :( I was sad. So the picture frame by our Christmas tree will also remain empty until those pictures come back!

Our Christmas tree is so small the big ornaments wouldn't fit on it. So here's how we displayed them anyway. :) We also have some lights up around our window and door:

Brad also wanted to decorate the outside of our apartment this year. Here it is:

It was hard to capture a non-blurry photo. Especially since the lights in the foreground are LED icicle lights. I discovered LED lights do not like to be photographed. So there it is. Our apartment all decorated.

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Vicki said...

Your Thanksgiving looked very yummy! I love the Christmas decorations.
I think I am going to wait a week or so before I put ours up.