Friday, May 10, 2013

Style File: 17 Weeks

Man...17 weeks. I had the realization if the babies come before 37 weeks I am pretty much half way through right now! I mean, obviously we hope they stay inside longer than 34 weeks, but they could come that early. My doctors would be pleased if we made it to 34. I am hoping for closer to 38 weeks just to try to mitigate any issues that might come with coming earlier than that.
 Thankfully, I seem to be regaining some energy this week. I have days where I am tired and I do get tired more easily than I did before I got pregnant, but that's just part of it. I don't feel like I need to sleep for 12 hours a day any more and I can manage to do things like clean out my closet and do the laundry again! Brad and I have been busy getting ready for a garage sale so we've been purging a lot of things. Mostly it's in preparation of trying to make room for the babies! Essentially, we are collapsing the office into a corner in our bedroom. That means anything in there that's not needed has to go! Once it's emptied out we can start putting baby stuff in there and start putting together a nursery. Of course a lot of that won't happen right away. We still need to paint and figure out what we're going to do with it and all of that will be determined after we know sexes.
 So far I haven't really had any cravings. I've been digging Annie's Macaroni and Cheese a lot, but part of that is just because it's easy and I'm not interested in cooking big meals these days. I am less restricted with what I eat. There is a big correlation between maternal weight gain before 20 weeks and how long twins stay in there. Basically, I'm "supposed" to eat a ton of calories per day with a lot of those calories coming from protein and fat sources. So things like milkshakes aren't off limits (unless I develop blood sugar issues). I've been eating full fat cheeses, veggies with veggie dip, peanut butter, lots of chicken and beef, beans... I mean, it is a bit of a challenge to meet my protein and calorie goals on 100% healthy foods. I have indulged in Chick Fil A a couple times (ok more than a couple...) but for the most part I try to stick to real foods: I like to be able to pronounce everything on the label. Oh, I did think of a craving. Pizza rolls. Yes, I did buy some. No, they are not a "whole food" by any stretch of the imagination. But they tasted just as good as I remembered them tasting from childhood.
Clothes these days...well we have a bit of a love hate relationship. I dislike being so limited in my wardrobe. I'm used to having lots of choices and different outfit combinations. I just packed up all my pre-pregnancy clothes (because I can't wear them anymore) and it left my closet a bit sparse. I'm not complaining. I just haven't invested in a ton of maternity clothes for a few reasons. 1.) they're over priced. There is no reason to spend 80 bucks on a pair of pants I know I'm going to out grow in a few weeks. 2.) I'm very picky. I don't like 50% of what is marketed to pregnant ladies. I refuse to embrace crappy fitting jeans just because they have a stretchy waist band. 3.) My belly is expanding at quite the rate. Things I buy now will not fit as I progress. I know this is true of a singleton pregnancy, but I will probably outgrow things a bit faster. I'm super grateful to a friend who has let me borrow a few pieces for now. I did invest in a few dresses for work (turns out, pregnant or not yoga pants and t-shirts are still against the dress code ;). This is one of them. Throw a sweater over it and I'm good to go!

Outfit run down:
Head Band: Old- H and M
Dress: Motherhood Maternity
Sandals: Target

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress and of course a beautiful Mom to be! Can't believe you are approaching the halfway mark! can't wait to see what pain color the nursery is going to be