Friday, May 3, 2013

Graduation Style File (and 16 Weeks)

 I had a photobomber in this pic! ha!  Anyway, it's true, I am graduating with my Master's in Education at the end of the summer. Even though my degree won't post until August, I get to participate in all of the graduation activities right now (Regent only does one grad ceremony a year!). I will not be walking in our Commencement ceremony, but I will be participating in the School of Education's commissioning ceremony. Tonight is when they give me my Master's hood and commission us into the big wide world. I am pretty excited. More excited to be done with school though. ;)
 I am also 16 weeks this week! I feel like the belly exploded a little bit this week. More people are noticing and it's kind of fun. Babies are looking good. Next appointment is at 20 weeks and they'll be able to determine sexes then. I'm pretty excited for that because it means we can finalize some registry items, pick out names, and start scheming up the babies' room!
 I am feeling grateful at this point in time that I will be done with school before the babies get here. My final project for the summer is a professional portfolio and I hope to get it done well before August, that way I can concentrate on getting ready for the babies. Essentially, once September hits I'll be on labor watch.
So what do I plan to do with my Master's? Well, that's a very good question. I think eventually I would like to finish out my credentials to get certified to teach and then end up in the classroom. That, of course, is on hold for a while. For the immediate future, I am focusing on the babies and learning how to be a mom. Perhaps in a couple years I'll try to be a student again.


wwe said...

Congrats, Very Proud Of You!!!!!!

Stephwolfgang said...

Congratulations, Liz! Three really good reasons to be excited! :)

Lainie said...

You will be a wonderful Mom, you had a great example.

Kelli Link Carruth said...

My favorite pictures so far!! I'm so glad you've got school (mostly) off your back. Summer is going to be so fun