Friday, May 17, 2013

Style File: 18 Weeks

 This week is 18 weeks! Whew! This week it warmed up and gave us the first taste of summer. Let me tell you... I was not a huge fan of the 90 degree days. Yes, I know it's just going to get worse. Such is the life of a pregnant woman in Virginia Beach, I guess.
 I am getting antsy to know the sexes of the babies. I want to pick paint colors and start imagining the babies' room beyond a theoretical. We have secured a dresser from a good friend of ours and I have Big Plans for it. I might even post about it when we get around to it.

 I don't think I've mentioned here yet that we plan to cloth diaper. I'm not going to do a big old defense of why we want to cloth diaper, but I will tell you it comes down to two things for me. 1.) I do think it's better for the babies. Disposables are full of gross chemicals that I wouldn't want to put on my butt for an extended amount of time. I try to live as naturally as possible in other areas of my life, so this one is no different. 2.) Cost. While cloth diapers do have a bigger up front cost, over your child's lifetime it will save you a ton of money. Assuming you spend 50 bucks a month on diapers (which I actually think is lowballing it, especially in those early months when you're changing a poopy diaper every three seconds) and assuming you potty train at 2 years old (which, again, I don't know very many kids who potty train at exactly two years of age. Usually it's closer to three), that means you're spending $1,200 from birth to potty training. Depending on what diapers you get and how long your kid is in diapers it can be much much more. So for us, with twins, that cost would be closer to $3000. Now, cloth diapers you can invest in 18-24 diapers for a very good stash (for one baby) for $400-$800 depending on what kind of diapers you get. Most diapers go from about 8lbs to 35lbs, which is really for a lot of babies from birth to potty training. Added bonuses: kids in cloth diapers tend to potty train sooner AND you can reuse diapers for future children. So for 1600 buckeroos (for a stellar stash, I could get by on less probably) I can diaper the babies that are on their way, plus our future children, for a lot LESS money than disposables would cost.  Even with the increased amount of money spent on water for laundry and special soaps, you will still come out ahead. Ok, so that "not a defense" got a bit longer than I anticipated. There are a lot of other reasons we decided to cloth diaper, but these are the main ones. NOTE: I am not judging anyone for using disposable diapers. I will use them for the first little bit as we adjust to being home with twins until the babies are big enough to fit into the one size diapers (which aren't the best on new borns and I don't see the cost savings in newborn diapers that only fit for a very short time). I am just sharing what we plan on doing. :) Any choice you make is your choice and I'm glad we have the ability to make those choices!
Overall, I've been feeling pretty good minus this cold/sinus crap I have at the moment. I'm looking forward to continuing to clean up the house (Garage Sale is in one week from tomorrow!) and making room for the babies. I'm also getting crafty for a few decorations for my little brother's graduation party (Part of me can't believe he's graduating high school and going to college this year. Say what?!). I'll be headed up to MI on June 4th to help with the party and celebrate with my little brother. I'm super proud of his academic accomplishments: He graduated in the top 14 of his class, will be headed to college with multiple scholarships, and will be part of the honor's program. He's really worked hard through wrestling, working a job, being involved in youth group, AND still managed to knock his grades out of the park. Way to go Sean! I'm so proud of you!

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