Thursday, September 4, 2008

This week has been moderately uneventful, which is good I think. Classes seem to be business as usual, nothing hectic yet. I'm still waiting on two of my books... But hopefully they'll be here soon! I'm keeping busy with greek and my other classes. I have a paper due for psychology on Tuesday, but it isn't bad. I think it's only 2-3 pages.

Brad got the car inspected today so we can get it titled tomorrow. It's the last thing on our list of "to-dos" for business type stuff that needs to get done. Brad has been keeping busy with business things and school. So far I think he's liking his classes. He has a lot of homework already, but that's the life of an engineer. Projects are already getting underway, but I think he's having fun. The guys come over to work on homework a lot, which is awesome. They work well together and get it done a lot faster! I think eventually Brad wants to put a big white board up so they can work out problems on it. They like to do that...

This weekend is going to be full of laundry and homework. I guess it's business as usual!

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