Saturday, September 27, 2008

This week was a pretty good week. No being sick or anything! I took two tests this week, I think I did well on them. They still aren't graded, but I feel really good about them. The tests I took last week one I got a B on and the other I still haven't heard back. Apparently my profs this semester take a long time to grade!

Last night Brad and I went to a highschool football game with some people from Church. It was a pretty boring game, really. It was supposed to be a good game because the other team was supposed to be really good, but White Oak trounced them 55 to 7. It was pretty sad, really. I almost felt like we should give the other team fans their money back.

The rest of the weekend is just business as usual. I have an essay to write for Western Civ and some other minor homework... then the rest is just cleaning the apartment and doing laundry.

I was looking at the National Youth Worker's Convention schedule (you can check it out on and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. David Crowder is going to lead worship and so is Starfield. Shane and Shane are going to be there... Plus a handful of speakers, half of which I've read their books. So it's going to be fun. It looks like I get to pick some seminars to go to and learn stuff I want to learn about. I'm not entirely sure what exactly I'm going to pick yet because it all looks pretty interesting. I'm going on that in November. The 20th-24th. Then I'll be back for Tuesday the 25th, and then I'm off to North Carolina at noon on the 26th. We'll be up there until Sunday the 30th. It's going to be some busy busy times for me. All that traveling! The good thing is the classes I'm most worried about getting behind in, are actually canceled the days I will be gone. The bible department (so for Romans and Greek) is going to some conference or something, so they'll be gone too. Also, the Wednesday I have to miss Greek to go to Brad's, Dr. Hood is also leaving to travel for Thanksgiving. So that works out... and I'll only be missing one session of Psychology and of Western Civ, so all I have to do is catch up on my reading when I get back. It's really good that it all worked out like that, or I would be dying.

Well, I need to get going on my homework!


Vicki said...

Whew, sounds like alot of homework. I am so glad that you aren't going to miss classes when you go on to the youth seminar. That sounds like alot of fun and info.


grandma m said...

Keep up the good work! You seem to have all your ducks in a row - studying, traveling, cleaning and laundry. YOU CAN DO THIS STUFF :-)

cedarchestquilts said...

This is Mac's (@ LeTU) mom, you found my blog--didn't know you get another follower. I'm enjoying your blog, we go to Kilgore Bible Church.