Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blogging From My Heart

One of my favorite Scrap bloggers (and mommy, and wife, and a gal who just loves to live life... ;)) challenged her readers to blog from their hearts this morning. I try to keep it real around here because I value authenticity and genuineness. But I thought I would do a special post to tell you all what's been on my heart and mind lately, just because I think it might be carthartic for me. ;) It's going to be in list form, but I think that's ok. I tend to think in lists anyway. ;)

1.) I'm sitting here at 7:58am with my hair still wet and lounge clothes still on. I need to leave for work in less than a half hour, but I find myself not really caring about that. Of course I don't like being late for work, but I am tired and I have a jammed evening tonight... so I'm going to take the five minutes and blog. I'm noticing that at work I tend to feel a bit pressured to stay late and help with events (there's pretty much always an event), or stay late because that's what everyone else is doing. Work is not my number one priority though; nor do I think it should be. Of course I care about my job, but people and relationships are much much more important to me. So that's why I leave work promptly at 5:00pm. Not because I'm lazy and don't do my work, but because I assume that whatever I'm working on can wait until tomorrow morning. Why rush it to get done if I really don't need to? All that does is make my outside life suffer.

2.) Eating Clean is making me feel awesome. I never realized how good I can feel if I cut out processed sugars. While I haven't totally cut them out (I use a bit of it in my bread so the yeast can feed on it, and I refuse to use agave or artificial sweeteners in my baking), I am working on it. After I finish off this bag of refined sugar, I am going to buy raw sugar. I figure I can afford it since I'm not using it all of the time. :) But mostly I just feel better. So excited to keep this going and discover new foods.

3.) I really love the community group we've been involved in this summer. We had been attending a group, but we just never felt like we clicked there. I honestly don't think the people there were doing things on purpose, but we never felt we got to know anyone after being there for a good long while. But with this new group... I felt like I fit in from the very first week we showed up. The girls there wanted to take me out for my Birthday and I almost cried. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's because I just never though they would want to do that for me. They noticed I exist and wanted to celebrate with me. It was awesome and I love them for it.

4.) Lastly, because I really really need to finish getting ready for work, I've been pondering what it means to continually get to know someone throughout your life. This does relate to my marriage, but i've also been thinking of it in a broader sense. You can't possibly know everything there is to know about a person, even if you've known them your whole life. My relationship with Brad is really great (I mean that), but I have noticed that we've definitely fallen into a routine and have kind of lost touch with getting to know one another right now. I think the solution is to break out of the routine a little bit. I'm thinking dancing lessons. :) With friends, I suppose it might be the same. Obviously a little different, but breaking out of the routine will help you see your spouse, sig other, friend, sister, brother, mom, dad, whoever in a different way. You'll get to see another facet of them instead of the same ones you're always looking at.

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Vicki said...

Nice blog post. Yep, we are all people in a process of ever changing, hopefully maturing and taking life's journey on different paths. I think the dancing idea is a great one. Have fun, that is when the best memories are made.

It takes a lot of time to get to know anyone and a lifetime to get glimpses of many. :) I found that my twenties were a time of "enlightenment" or "rude awakenings". #1-Life can be hard, #2-things are never exactly what I thought it would be and #3-that the sooner I learned to accept that the better I was able to get on with life and not get stuck.

Many times things were or could be even better than what I thought. I am just speaking about my own experiences, yours will be very different and you will come up with your own "truths" as you go along.