Friday, January 11, 2013

Style File 1-11-13

 The weather was a bit dull today, so I apologize for the grey photos. But you know, I had fun with these ones. I love my new lens!
Despite it being a grey day, I decided to go out and take some photos. When it's hot I tend to gravitate toward skirts and dresses, but lately it's been cool and I have been wearing jeans and a sweater. That's just how it rolls in January, right?
 The flannel shirt under the sweater is SUPER comfortable and so much more versatile than I thought it would be. I bought it for a country themed day at work, and I have worn it so many times since.
 Louisianna came with me this time because she deserves to get out. She was very sick over the weekend but she is feeling much better now!
 This necklace came from the Seed Company. It's made from recycled paper so it's super light. The Seed company does Bible translating. Brad's Grandma bought me this for Christmas. I believe it was made by women who were trained to do a trade.
 I just liked this picture. It's totally gratuitious.

I am tired this week. It was my first week back at work and first week of classes. It got a bit crazy. I'll adjust though... such is life! How are your weeks going? I hope all is well!

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