Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Style File 1-1-13

 It has been a very enjoyable Christmas season. We visited my family for Christmas and then came to Brad's family's house for New Years. Brad got me a 35mm lens for Christmas, which I am greatly looking forward to playing with more. I noticed a big improvement in my image quality in this set of pictures simply because I used my new lens. Brad's mom and dad got me  my remote shutter release. How have I done almost two years worth of style files without it?! It's awesome!

 These yellow pants are a new favorite of mine. You'll probably see them styled several ways in the coming weeks. Also, yes, I do wear socks with flats sometimes. My feet get cold, ok?
 This sweater is fun. I'm still learning how to expose my pictures perfectly, so it's hard to see some of the details on the dark sweater, but I love the bow on the shoulder. Also the sweater is not black, it's a dark burgundy color. Or "oxblood" if you're one of the trendy ones. ;)
How was your Christmas? I'm asking, so please if you're reading publish a comment about it! What did you do? Did you have any fun gatherings? If you don't celebrate Christmas tell me about what you do this time of year.
  What are your New Year's goals? I'm not usually one that thinks too long and hard about my resolutions, but I do have a few goals I would like to accomplish and some things I'm looking forward to over the course of the next year.
Here are my goals for 2013:
  • Learn how to better expose my photos and continue improving on my photography skills
  • Get back on my workout and eating plan. I don't want to lose weight, but just get back to eating whole, healthy, non-processed foods. I got a food processor for Christmas, so I think I'll be able to try lots of new things I didn't try before (home made pesto, anyone?)
  • Share more food on the blog, take more style files, and in general blog more. 
  • Commit and do a better job of being disciplined about my scripture reading and prayer times
  • not being such a homebody and actually seeking out opportunities to get to know my acquaintances better
Here are things I'm looking forward to in 2013:
  • Finishing my Master's (summer 2013!). Possibly starting classes to become state licensed to teach
  • Celebrating my little brother's high school graduation
  • A healthier me
  • More active blogging presence
  •  Getting curtains for our living space (yeah, we did move in six months ago. Don't judge)
  • Saving up for a trip
  • Visiting my soon-to-be-born honorary nephew, Nathaniel Cole!


Jeremy and Anna said...

you left out visiting your honorary nephew!!

Liz Boyce said...

I did! oops. I added it!