Monday, April 21, 2008

And we're off!

The last week of classes is off and running! Today was my big framework presentation, and it went really well. I asked Dr. Mays what I got on it, and i got 95. I can't complain about that too much. :0) I also had a cornerstones reception where they thanked all of the metors and PAs. I got a fancy pen that says "Peer Advisor 2007-2008".

Now I'm just studying for my lab final and then taking it easy. The lab final shouldn't be too difficult. Apparently all he does is compile all of our quiz questions and we have to answer them again. I'm not too worried about it. The rest of the week is pretty easy. I do have another test on Thursday in Personality Theory, but its only over three chapters.

I also have a few other social things i have to attend. Tomorrow night is an Israel Fellowship. He's passing out funny little awards and announcing the winners of the photo contest we had. Thursday night i'm going to a Skillet concert. They're playing in the Belcher center. I'm super excited about it. I LOVE Skillet! :0D Friday and Saturday are supposed to be the PA get away days...but unfortunately I'm not going. My hardest final is on Monday (physics) and I can't afford to lose Saturday. I have other projects I need to work on too. So I'm not going to go to it. Hopefully everyone understands.

Dad bought my ticket home last night! That's super exciting because that means i'm flying home soon! I have to figure out packing up all my stuff and storing it. Brad and I are storing most of our stuff over the summer just to make things easier. There's no point in me bringing a bunch of crap home when I don't even need it for the summer. Especially when we'll just have to move it all back early august anyway.

The Shower the girls threw me was a lot of fun. We played the standard Bridal Shower games at food and opened presents. It was pretty fun. :-)

Dr. Batts handed back our Tracts that we all made, and he did not like mine. I got a 67. I went and talked to him about it because I felt it was worth more points than that, but he wouldn't budge. Oh well. Not many people did well on it. I just think he graded them weird. *shrugs* No skin off my back.

Well I should get back to studying... I would hate to fail my lab final!


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