Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Test Down...

and one project down too! All I have left is my Apologetics exam and my Youth Ministry paper. :0) Half-way done with my finals! It's a good feeling knowing that I've completed exactly half of my degree. It makes me feel accomplished.

Today I'm just working on my paper and studying. So it's going to be a pretty relaxed day. I might go to walmart this evening so I can pick up some more tubs to put my stuff in so it can be stored. Finals week is always good, because all you have to do is study/work on papers. None of it is completely stressful.

When I get home going to go job hunting. Frank doesn't seem to be calling me back and he keeps putting me off, so I think i'm just going to look for another job. I'm hoping Alpine Oven will hire me, because that would be a good job to have. I'm also going to check with Isabella's and see if they need any summer helpers. I'll probably end up applying everywhere though. I really need a job!

That's about all that is going on with me... so i'm going to wrap this up. God Bless!


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